‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Why Casey and Brett Might Be Calling It Quits

by Joe Rutland

Fans of Chicago Fire are gearing up for the season finale with Matt Casey, played by Jesse Spencer, making an appearance at the big wedding. He’s going to join Sylvie Brett, played by Kara Killmer. These two have been staying busy with their long-distance relationship. Are these two about to split up and call it quits? With this show, there always are aces in the hole and possibilities galore.

Showrunner for ‘Chicago Fire’ Puts a Spotlight on What’s Happening With Casey, Brett

Andrea Newman, who is the showrunner for this Dick Wolf drama along with Derek Haas, offers some insights. “Long-distance relationships are really hard,” she says. “I mean, their relationship was a long time coming at the end. They are deeply in love, but I think that it’s a real challenge for them to be far apart.

“They come back in after having been together for a week when Brett was visiting but they know that now they have to say goodbye again for an undetermined amount of time,” Newman says. “That’s weighing heavily on them. When you go to a wedding with anybody, it brings up all those sorts of questions about your own future and your relationships. So they’re definitely going to be struggling with that.”

What will happen at the wedding between Severide, played by Taylor Kinney, and Kidd, played by Miranda Rae Mayo? “We had kind of endless wish list that went on pages,” Newman says according to Variety. “But that being said, we also have all these twists and turns in the wedding itself. People that we wanted to get there might, might not make it.”

Killmer Has Some Ideas Around What She’d Like to See in Relationship

Let’s get some insights here on what Kilmer wants to see in the Casey-Brett relationship. “I know what I’d like it to be,” she said in an interview while gesturing toward her ring finger. “They’re working long-distance, so she’s gotta get on a plane every once in a while. Take a visit, you know? It’s a two-way street.” These days, Casey lives out in Oregon while Brett is tied to the Windy City.

Right now, Sylvie is in love with Matt. Killmer, though, talks about why her character wants to madly be in love. “Something I’m glad that she’s never lost is she does believe the best in people and she is pretty resilient,” Killmer says. “She does wax optimistic most of the time. In her romantic journey, for instance, I do think she’s a hopeless romantic. She has been very unlucky in love, from being dumped at the altar to having her thing with Antonio, and not with a bang, but with like a total fizzle.”