‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Why You Recognize the Actress Who Plays Rebecca Jones

by Shelby Scott

Chicago Fire is on its annual summer hiatus. Meanwhile, fans are looking back at some of the NBC drama’s older seasons. And, amid those older seasons, we briefly met the recurring character Rebecca Jones. While Jones’ role on the show was shortlived, her actress, Daisy Betts, may nevertheless seem familiar. Though we haven’t seen Rebecca Jones for years, we’re here to look at some of the actress’s prior, well-known roles.

Interestingly, One Chicago Center reports that, like Chicago Fire original cast member Jesse Spencer, Daisy Betts is also from Australia. Her earliest roles were minor parts on shows including Sea Patrol and All Saints. From there, she went on to appear in her 2010 role as Janet Cooper in the NBC thriller Persons Unknown. During her time there, she starred beside the late actor Chadwick Boseman, who is now most prominently known for his role in Marvel’s Black Panther.

Several years later, she joined Chicago Fire in 2014, just a few seasons into the hit drama’s run. Betts left the series after just seven episodes, though she’s maintained a commendable reputation on the small screen since.

Following her stint on Chicago Fire, Daisy Betts went on to snag guest spots in Castle and The Player. She later scored a main role in the 2017 film Keiks & Gigi.

What Happened to Rebecca Jones on ‘Chicago Fire’?

Rebecca Jones actress Daisy Betts sent her career skyward following her appearance on Chicago Fire. However, her character’s story and shocking demise are rather tragic.

Chicago Fire fans met Rebecca Jones when she appeared in the same fire training group former paramedic Gabby Dawson joined. They initially had a strong bond as the only two females in their class. Soon though, they were at odds when Gabby learned Rebecca cheated on her exam.

The character later went on to have conflict with both Matt Casey and Kelly Severide, though she eventually found a secure place at Firehouse 51. In fact, she established such strong roots that the admirable Chief Boden promised to protect her job at all costs.

Soon enough though, her life turns on its head, she takes a job behind a desk, and writes Gabby a letter, which we soon learn was a suicide note. After all her struggles, not to mention her issues with her father, Rebecca jones meets an intensely tragic end.

In speaking about the character, showrunner Matt Olmstead said Rebecca Jones helps highlight the complexity surrounding suicide cases as well as deep-rooted family issues.

“A lot of times,” Olmstead said to TV Guide, “there is no logic to why this tragedy happened, and people struggle to find the logic to make themselves feel better to get some kind of order to what happened.”

He further said, “we were willing to embrace the fact that sometimes it’s just a tragic event that you may never wrap your head around.”