‘Chicago Fire’: How the Show Will Handle Violet’s Sticky Situation

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Violet has been dealing with some major drama on Chicago Fire lately. And according to co-showrunners Derek Haas and Andrea Newman, her situation is only going to get worse leading into the season finale.

For a recap, Violet is temporarily working with a new EMT named Emma while her partner Sylvie Brett is visiting her boyfriend in Oregon. And what should have been a fine pairing has turned into an absolute nightmare.

Emma has her eyes on Violet’s permanent position at the 51, and she’s willing to do just about anything to steal it. So while working together, Emma has taken to spreading horrible lies about her partner. And her manipulation is working all too well.

Because Brett won’t return to The Windy City until the Stellaride wedding, Violet will have to weather her new storm until the end of Chicago Fire’s 10th season. But her career may not survive the struggle.

“Impossible is a good word [for the situation],” Newman told Cinemablend. “I would say, for that. Yeah, it’s a mess. It’s a real mess.

Violet Has no Allies to Help Vindicate her on ‘Chicago Fire’

Violet’s main problem is that she’s put herself into a situation where nobody can help her. Firstly, her only friends are Gallo and Ritter. And while they know the truth, they have no way of proving it. And her budding relationship with Hawkins has tied his hands. If he were to step in, the department would think he’s playing favorites. And he already has plenty of career issues of his own.

The paramedic tried pleading with Boden about the situation as well and asked to have Emma transferred. But he gave her the sad news that even he doesn’t have the power to reassign an EMT. So it looks like the only choice Violet has is to hold on long enough for Brett to return. But with the way things are heading, that may not even be an option.

“I think it’s gonna get impossible-r or from here. The screw just keeps turning and it’s gonna go in a way that’s gonna really… the audience is going to be throbbing to have Violet vindicated. For sure,” Hass said.

Whether or not Violet gets justice is completely up in the air, of course. Chicago Fire has never shied away from doing its characters wrong. And as everyone knows, the One Chicago season finales are always epic. So watching Emma replace Violet in ambulance 61 isn’t off the table.

We will have to wait and see what happens between the EMTs, though. And it’s more than likely that there will be no resolution until the finale on May 25th—at the very least.

Until then, watch the drama play out each Wednesday at 9 pm on NBC.