‘Chicago Fire’ to Introduce New ‘Mystery’ Character Following Season 11 Premiere

by Shelby Scott

Following the season 10 finale of Chicago Fire, most Chi-hards worried that the upcoming season would bring more character departures. Season 10 was rough for longtime Chicago Fire fans in that aspect. Just four episodes into the new season, they bid goodbye to series stalwart Jesse Spencer (Captain Matt Casey). Fortunately, upon his departure, we were introduced to not one but two brand new and highly likeable characters. Nearly back to back, we met Lieutenant Jason Pelham and Paramedic Field Chief Evan Hawkins. Now, as we head into season 11, we’ve recently learned that showrunners have brought on actor Jake Lockett to fulfill a new “mystery” role.

According to One Chicago Center, details regarding Lockett’s new role have not been revealed. However, with a little over a month to go until Chicago Fire‘s new season premieres, the actor has already been spotted on set. More specifically, he was seen accompanying Chicago Fire star Miranda Rae Mayo who plays the series’ newest lieutenant, Stella Kidd.

In addition, the outlet reports that Lockett’s specific role has not been announced. That said, he has been seen sporting a Firehouse 51 T-shirt on set. This suggests he’ll eventually work alongside Kelly Severide on Squad, or Christopher Herrmann or Stella Kidd on truck.

New cast additions are always exciting in a long-running show (consider how much depth Brett Dalton’s Jason Pelham developed in his short tenure at Firehouse 51). But, Lockett’s casting is especially noteworthy as he marks the first new addition ahead of Chicago Fire‘s upcoming season.

Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide Actors Reunite Behind the Scenes of ‘Chicago Fire’

Several months have passed since season 10 of Chicago Fire ended with a majorly suspenseful cliffhanger. To this point, showrunners haven’t teased even a little of what comes next for the newly-wedded couple, Kidd and Severide. That said, a new behind-the-scenes video confirms that their actors, Taylor Kinney and Miranda Rae May, have at least reunited on set. Check out the ridiculous clip below.

The clip was originally posted to Twitter by Darren Ritter actor Daniel Kyri. It sees Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann actor David Eigenberg taking part in a strange jig before Kinney marches by with his arms raised above his head. He’s then followed by Mayo who playfully shoves Eigenberg out of the frame.

“Stuck w the crazies,” Kyri wrote. Regardless, though, Chicago Fire fans are just excited to see our favorite cast members back together before season 11.

Meanwhile, another fan photo, a selfie featuring Taylor Kinney, confirms that, whatever danger his character and Stella might face during Chicago Fire‘s season 11 premiere, it’s more than likely that they’ll make it out alive and go on to help put together yet another exciting season of the NBC drama.