‘Chicago Fire’: Is Eamonn Walker Returning for Season 11?

by Sean Griffin

Chicago Fire star Eamonn Walker has portrayed Chief Wallace Boden since 2012. Starting in 2014, Walker starred as Boden in the other Chicago shows: Chicago Med and Chicago PD.

If Walker were to not return to the show, the show would be unrecognizable. In previous seasons, storylines have led fans to believe Boden may depart Firehouse 51.

However, luckily for fans, there seem to be no indications that the actor is departing the show. Unless something dramatically changes, Walker will reprise his role as Chief Wallace Boden on Season 11.

There were many changes in Season 10 of the show. In Season 10, we saw plenty of changes in the firehouse, including Boden’s promotion to Deputy District Chief of District 4. Fans thought he may be moved out of Firehouse 51 at this point.

However, when one of the firehouses closed down, the center of the district shifted. Firehouse 51 became the central point for District 4. It’s clear that Boden will remain in the same place he’s called home since joining the series at its inception.

Boden will continue giving the orders for Firehouse 51, and he’ll also be in charge of a few other houses. Luckily, we’ll get plenty of Wallace Boden on the new season of Chicago Fire. Fans hope that we’ll also get a deeper glimpse into Boden’s personal life, which we haven’t seen much of the past few seasons.

Why Did Jesse Spencer Leave Chicago Fire?

Jesse Spencer confirmed that he left the show because of his desire to spend more time with his family. However, he’s always stayed in touch with producers to ensure his character’s arc is fulfilled. His commitment to fulfilling the character arcs of his roles shows the dedication and loyalty Spencer holds for his cast and crew of Fire.

The executive producer of Chicago Fire Derek Haas spoke with TVLine recently. In the interview, Haas admitted he and his colleagues practically begged the actor to return for the finale.

“We pretty much begged him, pleaded and offered him the moon so that he would come back and do the finale,” he said.

He further shared, “Andrea and I and [executive producer Michael] Gilvary, basically, whatever it took, we were like, ‘Jesse, you’re coming and doing this finale.’”

Fortunately, Spencer, who plays Matt Casey, already knew he was coming back. Jesse Spencer had agreed to return for the finale long before all their pleading began.

“He’s the greatest,” Haas said, “he was in even before we started all of that.”

Earlier in the series, Casey pledged to be Severide’s best man at his wedding. And, as Haas emphasized previously, “there’s no way Casey would miss seeing his best friend getting married.”

So, with Spencer’s return to the finale, the storyline was neatly tied up with a bow. Had he not returned, fans would’ve surely pointed out the flaw.

So, had he not returned for the season finale, it would have left the overall storyline with a gaping plot hole. Derek Haas and the entire team are thankful for his return.

“We’re so grateful to [Jesse] that he would come back and honor that pledge,” Haas said. Clearly, Spencer loves his Chicago Fire family.