‘Chicago Fire’: Is the Show Really Filmed in Chicago?

by Shelby Scott

Setting plays a major role in the narrative of many of our favorite TV series. For example, New York City influences the proceedings and style of many of the investigations featured in CBS’s Blue Bloods. Meanwhile, the nation’s capital features just as prominently in NCIS. But what about One Chicago? Where exactly is Chicago Fire filmed?

Many of our favorite shows, despite their apparent authenticity, are filmed in various studios across California. However, when it comes to Chicago Fire, you’ll be happy to know you can’t get more authentic than the Windy City itself. According to One Chicago Center, nearly all of the NBC drama is filmed directly in Chicago. In fact, the series even features the city’s real-life Engine 18 Station which serves as the fictional Firehouse 51.

The outlet also states Chicago Fire often makes use of the city’s major locations. Two include the Chicago River and Magnificent Mile road, located in the downtown area.

In speaking about the NBC series’ location authenticity, Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas said, “Every given episode is about location.” He explained Wrigley Field and Sears Tower might both be major icons of the city. However, he frequently avoids shooting there to keep from appearing “too obvious.”

‘Chicago Med’s Oliver Platt ‘Loves’ Filming in the Windy City

Derek Haas isn’t the only One Chicago crew member that loves filming on scene. As a cast member on Fire‘s sister show Chicago Med, Oliver Platt (Dr. Daniel Charles) also shared his love for Chicago.

“Working here is fantastic,” he previously said. “There’s a lack of pretension.”

Of the city’s everyday residents and the opportunity to film among them, he continued, “[There’s a] roll up your sleeves, grounded attitude towards the work people do here which is incredibly refreshing.”

Per the outlet, Chicago Fire Chicago Med‘s, and Chicago PD‘s attention to detail is “good for the city.” Given Chicago Fire‘s location at the Engine 18 Station, fans of the show come from across the nation to witness life in One Chicago.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans’ Top Antagonists

Aside from location, Chicago Fire‘s antagonists often drive the direction of the show. And as we await the Season 11 premiere, fans have taken to social media to name their favorite bad guys.

On Reddit, amid the series’ summertime hiatus, one fan wrote, “Since it’s been quiet here the past few days lol, how about a little discussion question?” Igniting the conversation they began, “Favorite villain/antagonist in the show?”

Answers varied. However, a lot of responses spotlighted the series’ latest villain, Emma Jacobs. Jacobs served as Brett’s temporary replacement during the final episodes of Chicago Fire‘s 10th season. During that time, she nearly cost paramedic Violet Mikami her job. She has a strange, twisted history full of blackmail and it causes a lot of strife for Firehouse 51’s youngest first responders.

In speaking about the character, the post’s author wrote, “Emma really only wreaked havoc among a few characters and not 51 as a whole, [but] it was still fun to witness her antics.”

Another Redditor responded, “I really don’t think we’ve seen the last of Emma.”

We’ll have to wait and see when Chicago Fire returns to NBC this September.