‘Chicago Fire’ Star Jesse Spencer Reacts to Leaked Photos From Set

by Megan Molseed

Jesse Spencer Hilariously Responds To Leaked Photos Of His Chicago Fire Return

Jesse Spencer has portrayed Matt Casey on the hit series for nearly a decade. However, fans were shocked to learn the actor was stepping away from the show at the start of Fire’s current season. This exit, of course, comes as Spencer’s Matt Casey makes a cross-country move to help care for his late best friend’s two children.

Longtime Fire watchers, however, know full well Casey is set for a return. In some ways, it’s been one of the worst-kept secrets of primetime television this season!

This return comes as the current season wraps up; and Casey’s good friend, Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide prepares to finally marry Miranda Rae Mayo’s, Stella Kidd. But, it wasn’t until last week that we had actual photographic proof that this exciting return was in the works. However, Spencer wasn’t about to give anything away!

The recent tweet from the Fire set shares photos of Spencer all dressed up – you know, as if he’s attending an important wedding. He looks mighty dapper in his suit and tie, with his hair perfectly coiffed. But, the actor claims, this couldn’t possibly be Casey!

“That’s not me,” the Chicago Fire actor quips of the pics.

“I think it’s Casey’s long lost bro or something,” Spencer teases. “My hair don’t do that.”

Jesse Spencer Said Goodbye To Chicago Fire Cast To Spend More Time With Family

Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey left his Chicago Fire team early this season to prioritize family. More specifically, the family of his late best friend. This, in many ways, mirrors the reasons for the actor’s exit from the series in real life. After nearly a decade of playing Casey, Spencer decided it was time to step away and spend more time with family.

Casey’s Chicago Fire costars supported the actor’s decision. However, this does not mean they weren’t going to miss their fellow One Chicago team member.

“There are times when we might have to move on for whatever personal reason,” notes Chicago Fire’s Daniel Kyri in a discussion with Looper.

“That doesn’t make it less difficult for those of us who are a part of what he helped build,” the Chicago Fire actor adds.

“Jesse is the consummate professional,” he adds. “But I think what’s more valuable than that is that he was such a powerful and caring and intentional leader on our set.”