‘Chicago Fire’: Joe Minoso Discusses Derek Haas’s Season Finale Fireworks

by Taylor Cunningham

Chicago Fire co-showrunner Derek Haas is the king of season finales, but actor Joe Minoso isn’t sure how he’s going to “top himself this year.”

The countdown is on for the end of Fire’s 10th run. The undoubtedly intense final episode is set for May 25th. And the drama is amping up each week accordingly.

And as all fans know, the show’s season closures are always epic. Each year, we’re left with cliff-hangers that are painful to wait out. Sometimes, the fall premiere will open with a favorite character gone. Other times, the story will pick up and all is well. Or, in some cases, we have to wait weeks or even months for a resolution. The constant edge-of-our-seats drama is one of the reasons that the One Chicago member keeps our attention.

And Derek Haas’s writing genius is not lost on the actors either, especially not Cruz star Joe Minoso. As he shared with Cinemablend, playing out the season finales is one of the highlights of his career. But he’s not sure that even Haas can outwrite what he did last year.

Last Season Saw Cruz Trapped Under Lake Michigan

“I know Derek [Haas] likes to top himself year after year after year and does so successfully,” the actor said. ” But I have no idea how he’s going to top himself this year. I look forward to it.”

During season 9, the showrunner trapped Cruz, Severide, Capp, and Tony under a capsized boat in Lake Michigan. And what’s more terrifying than that?

“It’s always fun to do the last episode. Like when I had to almost die in a giant scuba accident,” he added. ” That was something that was very unexpected up until like three weeks before I had to do it. So you know I always look forward to seeing what the next chapter is. That’s the great thing about being a television actor, I think, in a role this long, is you as well get to be pleasantly surprised as you learn new things about your character.”

Spoiler: Matt Casey Will Be Back for the Season 10 ‘Chicago Fire’ Finale

And while Derek Haas doesn’t like to give spoilers before his grand Chicago Fire finales, he is willing to give us one bit of information—Matt Casey’s Jesse Spencer will appear in the season 10 closure.

Casey hasn’t appeared on the series since 2021. The firefighter bid farewell to the 51 and his girlfriend Sylvie Brett to care for the late best friend’s orphans. And since the day he left, we’ve all been wondering if and when he’ll pay a visit to the old team.

Now we know that Casey will indeed be on the final episode this year. And he’ll do so to stand in the Stellaride wedding, just as he promised he would.

“We pretty much begged [Spencer], pleaded, and offered him the moon so that he would come back and do the finale,” Haas told TVLine. “But he’s the greatest, and he was in even before we started all of that. The character pledged he would be [the] best man at Severide’s wedding. We’re so grateful to [him] that he would come back and honor that pledge.”