‘Chicago Fire’: Is Kara Killmer Returning in Season 11?

by Megan Molseed

The tenth season finale of Chicago Fire brought some exciting moments for fans of the popular One Chicago TV series. Between the long-awaited wedding between Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd, the exciting finale storylines, and the guest stars we have long been waiting for, the finale was a big one for Fire fans.

Among these guest stars, of course, is the return of Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey. And, with this return comes the return of another big Chicago Fire storyline…the romance between Spencer’s character and Kara Killmer’s Sylvie Brett. The couple has worked to maintain a long-distance relationship throughout the season. Now, we wonder; will Killmer’s Brett be returning next season? Or will she be spending more time with her better half, taking a break from the firehouse?

Chicago Fire Fans Can Expect Kara Killmer’s Sylvie Brett To Return For Season 11

Recently, Chicago Fire showrunners announced that Sylvie Brett will be back in the Chicago Fire firehouse as season 11 premieres in the fall. However, she will continue to struggle with working on her relationship with Casey as he returns to his new home out west.

According to a One Chicago update, Sylvie Brett will be coming from a better place than she has been in as the recent episodes premiered. The relationship may be further challenged, however, as sparks begin to fly between Brett and another Chicago Fire character, Brandon Prado’s Todd Graham.

Will Small Sparks Create Big Problems For Sylvie Brett And Matt Casey?

Recently, one Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas teased a potential for romantic sparks between Killmer’s Sylvie Brett and Prado’s Todd Graham. Haas isn’t entirely clear as to what will come of these sparks. However, he does say that fans will certainly feel some concern over the future of Brett and Casey’s “Brettsey” connection.

“We thought Todd really popped when we first see him with Herrmann [David Eigenberg] at the Academy reading [Todd’s brother John’s badge],” Derek Haas explains of the One Chicago character. He then adds that as we get to know Graham, so will Sylvie Brett. While he doesn’t clarify how this will happen, exactly, Haas notes the fans who ship Brettsey are likely to “be like, what?!”

Kara Killmer’s Role In Season 11 Is Going To Be Bigger Than It Was In Season 10

Fans are certainly happy to know now that Killmer’s Sylvie Brett is coming back to Chicago Fire. And, notes showrunners, she will be playing a bigger role in the upcoming season. Brett was absent for many episodes across season 10 as she set out to visit her boyfriend Matt Casey in Oregon.

However, this may be where the biggest issue begins…if Brett has a major role in the upcoming season of Chicago Fire, will she need to step away from her long-distance relationship with Casey? It’s hard to tell at this point. The answers will become clearer in the coming months.