‘Chicago Fire’: Is Kara Killmer’s Brett Returning to Firehouse 51 for Good?

by Shelby Scott

Ahead of the Season 10 finale of “Chicago Fire,” the ever-informative showrunner and executive producer, Derek Haas, has confirmed the return of several fan-favorite characters. Longtime fans of the show became thrilled after finding out Captain Casey would make a brief return. Additionally, “Chicago Fire” viewers can breathe a sigh of relief as Kara Killmer’s Sylvie Brett plans on returning to Firehouse 51 for good.

Haas confirmed the news of the couple’s return to Deadline on Wednesday. He stated, “Yes, Sylvie will be back for the finale.” He further emphasized, “She is a full-time member of 51.”

That said, fans have begun to wonder what her relationship with Casey will look like going forward. So far, they’ve managed to overcome long-distance. The couple makes trips to see each other every so often. Nonetheless, Casey’s actor Jesse Spencer emphasized his return during this year’s “Chicago Fire” finale is just temporary. Afterward, he again plans to step away from the show.

Does that mean the fan-favorite couple will break up? Things don’t appear to be in their favor at the moment. Of their relationship, the “Chicago Fire” showrunner said, “Casey committed to going to Oregon until one of the Darden boys finishes high school. That’s a three-year commitment he made when he left this season.”

He concluded that while Brett remains a regular cast member on “Chicago Fire,” Casey is not.

“[Casey’s] not coming back to 51 anytime soon,” he concluded.

Jesse Spencer Will Not ‘Die in a Fire’ on ‘Chicago Fire’

If Brett and Casey don’t break up by the end of the “Chicago Fire” season finale, what will happen to their relationship in the future?

On occasion, some characters die unexpectedly, while others have had less tragic endings. However, thankfully, the showrunner assured “Chicago Fire” fans that Casey will not tragically die by the end of the season.

In speaking to the potential for a tragic Casey death, co-showrunner Andrea Newman said, “A wedding always brings the microscope out. These are two people who are really in love, but there are a lot of challenges for the couple. It puts a spotlight on their situation and how different it is from Severide and Kidd, who live together and get to see each other every day.”

She continued, “I will give away that the cliffhanger is not going to end with Casey dying in a fire. On our end, the door is open.”

Spencer has starred in every single season of “Chicago Fire” since it first launched. So perhaps that explains why his character hasn’t tragically been killed off. Or perhaps there’s a deeper reason.

Longtime fans know that the Darden boys, the teenage kids Casey has taken responsibility for in Oregon, lost their father, Andy Darden in a terrible accident at a structure fire. Now, with Casey serving as their father figure, it just doesn’t seem fair to have Casey die in that manner too.