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‘Chicago Fire’: Matt Casey’s Return Creates Tension with This Character

by Shelby Scott
(Photo credit should read JIM YOUNG/AFP via Getty Images)

Chicago Fire” fans became thrilled when they heard Captain Matt Casey would make a return. And while brief, we’ll at least get to see the former captain during the season 10 finale in May. Now, both cast members and fans alike are looking forward to seeing Casey in the finale. However, the former Firehouse 51 Captain’s return could spell trouble for another “Chicago Fire” character.

According to Fansided, Matt Casey plans on returning to Chicago just in time to attend the long-awaited “Stellaride” wedding. In fact, the outlet reported Casey will be Kelly Severide’s best man as he marries his longtime girlfriend, Stella Kidd.

All in all, it seems like a perfect choice and a perfect reunion. However, fans of the first responder series might just see tensions rise between Casey and Severide’s right-hand-man on Squad 3—Joe Cruz—when the finale finally airs.

Why? Well, after Casey left during the milestone 200th episode, Cruz and Severide grew closer. Reportedly, Cruz was to be Severide’s best man if Casey didn’t return for the wedding. Now though, those hopes have been dashed.

Ahead of the season finale, showrunner Derek Haas said, “Cruz is not happy, of course. Severide was his best man when he got married [to his wife Chloe] and now he’s been relegated to second-best man.” He teased, “That’s going to be fun.”

Hopefully, though, things don’t get too awkward or intense. After all, Casey and Cruz have always remained friendly. It does, however, make sense that the latter feels slighted. Nevertheless, considering Cruz’s growth as a character across 10 seasons, we’re sure he’ll come to terms with the situation soon.

Are Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey Breaking Up?

While “Chicago Fire” boasts a whole lot of action, it has its fair share of drama as well. And, ahead of the season 10 finale, fans are wondering if the fan-favorite couple Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey are breaking up.

Since Casey departed Chicago to live in Oregon, he and Brett have managed to maintain a really positive relationship, despite the hardships of long-distance. Currently, Brett is actually visiting the former 51 Captain in a temporary hiatus from the show.

However, after agreeing to make a return to “Chicago Fire” during the season 10 finale, Matt Casey actor Jesse Spencer insisted he will not be returning in a full-time capacity. Does that mean his character will be removed from the lineup entirely ahead of season 11?

Of that, we can’t be sure, but it’s also likely writers won’t be able to keep up Brett’s long-distance relationship with Casey forever—especially if Casey never actually appears on screen.

“Chicago Fire” co-showrunner Andrea Newman shared her perspective regarding the state of the Brettsy romance.

“When you go to a wedding with anybody,” she began, “it brings up all those sorts of questions about your own future and your relationships. So they’re definitely going to be struggling with that.”