‘Chicago Fire’ Star Miranda Rae Mayo Recalls Her Favorite Scene With Eamonn Walker

by Joe Rutland

Sometimes, actors and actresses will remember that they have some favorite scenes while working on Chicago Fire. When it comes to Miranda Rae Mayo, she can point to one with Eamonn Walker. She would go back to a Season 9 episode titled A White-Knickle Panic. Mayo plays Stella Kidd while Walker plays Chief Wallace Boden on the NBC first-responder drama. Let’s see what Mayo said according to an article from NBC.

“I loved the scene with Boden and me, where he’s telling Stella that he believes in her and that he thinks she can be a leader,” Mayo said. “I had said, like, I wanted to be in more stuff with Eamonn [Walker], and then it happened.” She also would talk about learning more from Walker in the scene. The same thing would be said about her co-stars on the show. “It was magnificent,” she said of working with Walker. “It’s been such a masterclass.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Offers Insight Into Becoming A Lieutenant

So, what is Kidd’s mindset around becoming a lieutenant? We get a little insight about this from the actress as she talked about it back in January. “I think that [becoming a lieutenant] is very important for her to do…I think she really wants to do well for her people,” she said. Mayo adds about Kidd that “this Girls on Fire program…it’s her heart. Like, she started it from the ground up and it’s doing so well and she doesn’t want to just abandon that.”

One thing that Chicago Fire fans will want to know is just how much support Stella will have from Kelly Severide as she moves ahead. Of course, fans know that the couple is definitely worth watching on the show. They make things interesting and it all does add up when looking to keep storylines moving. Yet what in the world will Severide, played by Taylor Kinney, provide in support for her?

“Who knows?” she said laughing. “I don’t know, I would imagine that his character… You know, it’s taken a lot for him to settle down and open up and be vulnerable. And Casey just left. So I would imagine that Stella going silent on him would sting.” That Casey reference is to Matt Casey, played by Jesse Spencer. These days, you can find Casey living in Oregon and having a long-distance relationship with Sylvie Brett, played by Kara Killmer. But Casey did return to the show for The Stellaride wedding that took place. That’s right, Kelly and Stella are now husband and wife. It was the high point of the season finale last season. Now, we all look forward to what might happen next season. The show is part of the One Chicago franchise of shows that pops up on Wednesday nights.