‘Chicago Fire’: New Set Photo Reveals First Look at Newest Recruit

by Tia Bailey

The One Chicago franchise is back this month. Chicago Fire has revealed set photos while filming, and one picture reveals a new cast member.

The show follows “the professional and personal lives of firefighters, rescue personnel, and paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department at the fictional Firehouse 51.” It has quickly become a beloved show by fans of the other shows in the franchise. It is going into its 11th season.

Actor Jake Lockett has joined the cast for this upcoming season, portraying Sam Carver, noted as a recurring role. According to the One Chicago Center website, “While details regarding how his character comes to join 51 remain unclear, we’ll get the chance to meet Sam in the first episode of the season hinting that his introduction will quickly be addressed.”

A photo of Lockett as Carver can be viewed here.

Chicago Fire released the synopsis for the season premiere. “Kidd and Severide’s honeymoon is interrupted by a dangerous person from their past,” it says.

Season 10 ended with fan-favorite couple Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd finally tying the knot. Although it seemed to be leading to a happy season finale, that’s not how Chicago Fire does things. While the newlyweds were heading to their honeymoon, the show made it clear that they were being followed.

This made fans very nervous, as in other shows such as Castle, the post-wedding drama usually causes some sort of tragedy. The synopsis for the season 11 premiere confirms that whoever is following the pair are dangerous, and that it will be the main plot point for the first episode at least.

‘Chicago Fire’ Cast Shares Photos and Videos Behind-the-Scenes

Although fans are worried for their favorite on-screen couple, the cast has posted several photos and videos keeping everyone entertained. The Twitter account One Chicago News tweeted: “Chicago Fire Episode 11×02 “Hold on Tight” Promotional Photos. #4 (c) nbcumv.”

Although fans love Severide and Kidd, they want to see more of another duo. Some took to Reddit to share their love for Brett and Mouch. The post, calling them the show’s “most underrated duo,” reads: “I love love love them. I’ve been watching old episodes and some of their scenes together are comedy gold. There are way more of them than I remembered. I’m stoked we’re getting more paramedicine because their scenes for it last season were super sweet and they’re both so empathetic to victims. I want them to get some good comedy scenes too though because they pull them off so well.”

Many agreed that the comedy the duo brings is something the show needs, especially with intense storylines such as the season 10 finale.

Season 11 premieres on September 21.