‘Chicago Fire’: One Character’s Potential Exit Would Leave Fans Heartbroken

by Caitlin Berard

A show with as many seasons as Chicago Fire is both a gift and a curse to its viewers. With 10 or more seasons, there’s no shortage of interesting stories and characters. And should you need something to watch on a rainy day, there are hundreds of episodes to choose from.

However, very few actors want to stay with a single series for a decade or more, regardless of its popularity. This means, with a show like Chicago Fire, which was just renewed for an 11th season, character exits are commonplace.

When it comes to writing a character off the show, producers have a few options to choose from. One of the most common is the dramatic character death, such as that of Leslie Shay (Lauren German) and Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuri Sartarov). The loss of a main character provides the perfect punch with which to begin or end a season.

Some characters escape this fate, however, and simply move away or quit their job. This option leaves the door open for future guest appearances or a return to their original role. Such was the case for Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer), a blow from which Chicago Fire fans are still reeling.

For many Chicago Fire fans, Matt Casey was the main character, the reason they tuned in every week. And his ill-timed move to Oregon (there was never going to be a good time) left fans devastated by the loss.

Now, fans are beginning to speculate who could leave next. And though they don’t expect him to go anytime soon, the loss of another fan-favorite character would be a dealbreaker.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Say Taylor Kinney’s Exit Would Make Them Stop Watching

Losing Matt Casey was heartbreaking for Chicago Fire fans, many of whom considered leaving their fandom behind because of it. Though they continued watching (and got a final Matt Casey cameo), fans say that Taylor Kinney’s exit from Chicago Fire would be the last straw.

In a recent Reddit thread, fans shared their opinions of which character losses would make them stop watching. The overwhelming response was Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney).

“Casey and Severide were always the main two characters for me. Losing both would definitely stop me from watching the show,” one fan wrote. “I don’t know if I could keep going without Kelly [Severide] and Stella,” another said.

Thankfully, it doesn’t appear that Severide’s exit from Chicago Fire will happen anytime soon. The character is set to take a major step in the Season 10 finale, creating the opportunity for a number of exciting storylines in the future.

And while Chicago Fire writers could certainly be preparing to kill him off without his knowledge, Taylor Kinney expressed excitement for the coming season.