‘Chicago Fire’: Will Season 10 Be Available on Netflix?

by Joe Rutland

Chicago Fire fans love their show and with Season 10 now done, maybe some of them would like to just sit down and watch. You know, binge-watch your favorite episodes? There were some doozies this last season, too. Well, one place where a lot of TV shows do go and have episodes airing is Netflix. With that in mind, will the show be available on the streaming platform? Some highlights from Season 10 included the show’s 200th episode and Matt Casey, played by Jesse Spencer, being written off.

Let’s not forget about missing storylines here and there. When trying to see how things come together, it’s challenging to keep up with this or that character. There are so many different and converging stories that missing out on one is not new. OK, so the show will not be available on Netflix. That’s the bad news, according to One Chicago Center. Your best bet to catch Season 10 episodes will be on Peacock.

Beware That ‘Chicago Fire’ Deal With Hulu Will Be Coming To An End

NBC runs its current shows on there as well as on Hulu. All previous seasons of Chicago Fire are available. But we should warn you ahead of time: Season 11 episodes will only go to Peacock. The show’s deal with Hulu will be ending. It’s possible that all of these future NBC shows will just stream their episodes on Peacock. This is so the network can look to build up a subscriber base.

Could Peacock go under and then leave NBC without a streaming platform? It’s possible. In that case, then Netflix would be worth looking at as a possible new home. Still, that is not happening right now. Again, your best bet is to seek out Peacock and consider becoming a paid subscriber. Speaking of Spencer, you know that his Matt Casey is pretty chummy with Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide. After all, the wedding of the year took place at the end of this past season with Kelly getting hitched up.

Some viewers might want to know if these actors are really friends outside of the show. Apparently, both of them like to ham it up in social media posts. Spencer was apparently sleeping in one and Kinney decides to dress him up a little bit. It’s all fun and games on the set and away from the cameras rolling. This also could be an extension of their true friendship that has its roots in the show itself. Because Casey showed up at the Stellaride wedding, it doesn’t mean Spencer is coming back on a full-time basis. What does the future hold for this fan-favorite? Maybe he and Sylvie Brett will grow even closer when next season rolls around.