‘Chicago Fire’: Season 11 First Filming Date Revealed

by Joe Rutland

It’s all good in the world of Chicago Fire as the NBC drama will be starting to film new episodes soon but just when would that be? We will get to that in a minute. Imagine, though, how many storylines are going to be a part of Season 11. You know that Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide are now husband and wife. Also, Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett are still together albeit long-distance. What could happen between these couples? That’s part of the possible lineup of episodic adventures awaiting you when you dial up the show on Wednesday nights.

OK, so when will they start filming new episodes? Gaffer Anthony Lullo spilled the beans on Instagram. The show will get to work on Season 11 on July 19. That gets us geared up for a September debut. In the meantime, the show’s cast and crew will be busy filming different scenes. It’ll be pretty rad to see what they come up with as this show remains one of the bedrocks of the One Chicago franchise.

‘Chicago Fire’ Continues To Keep People Glued To Their TV Sets On Wednesday Nights

Every season, it seems like Dick Wolf and his crew almost one-up themselves. When this happens, old and new fans alike find themselves right in front of a TV set. This is kind of just wondering out loud if you will. But imagine if Sylvie decides to head out to Oregon and live with Matt. She’s very dedicated to her work, though.

That would be one story that no one would be seeing in their mirrors. Kara Killmer does a great job of playing Sylvie. If she did go, then it would take her out of the regular storyline world. Also, remember that Jesse Spencer isn’t part of the regular cast anymore. Maybe it would be better if Sylvie just stays focused on the job at hand. Hey, it’s just a thought. Taylor Kinney plays Severide while Miranda Rae Mayo plays Kidd. That’s going to be something worth watching even after the cliffhanger that was tossed out at the end of Season 10.

We do know that this first-responder drama always likes to keep the fans interested. It’s just like any other drama where fans have a need to know what is going on. Chicago Fire is a solid show that keeps producing solid episode after solid episode. Seeing Spencer no longer on there regularly might hurt a little bit. But there is a cast already in place that can handle the storylines just fine. With Season 11 getting started on the filming process, all we have to do is wait and see the new ones this fall. Catch reruns on the USA Network, too.