‘Chicago Fire’ Season 11 Premiere Date Revealed

by Caitlin Berard

The Season 10 finale of Chicago Fire was just about as satisfying as it could be. Fans finally saw the wedding of Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd, the characters overcoming their commitment issues at long last. That said, it was far from a storybook ending. Chicago Fire is a drama, after all.

The relationship between Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett, for example, was left on unsure footing (though their breakup seems imminent). Additionally, Emma, a troublesome, underhanded character, was eradicated from the team. The nature of her departure, however, left Violet Mikami uncertain of her relationship with Chief Hawkins, and the character appears to consider a romance with Blake Gallo instead.

With so many strings left untied, Season 11 of Chicago Fire can’t come soon enough for its fans. And though the new batch of episodes is still a few months away, we now have a date to look forward to, as NBC announced the premiere date.

Season 11 will premiere on September 21, 2022, at 9 PM ET. That’s 82 days from now, Chicago Fire fans. Let the countdown begin!

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Express Wishes for Season 11

As always, Chicago Fire fans have stayed busy in the absence of Firehouse 51 by discussing their hopes for the coming episodes. In a recent Reddit thread, fans shared storylines they wanted to see in Season 11. The creator of the thread posed the question: “What would make Season 11 a good season for you?”

For them, seeing Stella take Casey’s place in the mentor/protege relationship with Gallo is a top priority. While that’s happening, Gallo will continue his tenuous love story with Mikami and Severide will work toward a position as Chief.

In the comments, fans expressed the hope that Season 11 dials back the romantic storylines. For Season 11 to be its best, it would “feel like an ensemble again and focus on the calls and friendships rather than the romantic relationships. The balance [in Season 10] was the worst it’s ever been.”

In addition to more bonding between members of Firehouse 51, fans hope to get a better look into the characters’ home lives rather than solely spotlighting their office romances. Randall McHolland (better known as Mouch) is a major point on the wishlists. Specifically, fans want a deeper look into his relationship with his new daughter.

“They kind of left the relationship hanging [in Season 10],” one fan wrote. “He should save her from a fire and have her around [the] firehouse a bit,” another said. “Wow I completely forgot about that. They definitely need to do more with that,” added a third.