‘Chicago Fire’s Severide Meets ‘The Office’ in This Hilarious Dubbed-Over Clip

by Joe Rutland

Taylor Kinney of Chicago Fire is seeing himself in a mash-up, dubbed-over clip with another famous NBC show, The Office. Back in Season 6, the premiere episode of The Office was titled Gossip. In the show open, it featured a parkour-filled scene. Well, we get a chance to see Kelly Severide, Kinney’s character, work on his parkour style here.

We get this thanks to some nifty work by the people at the One Chicago franchise. You will hear voices from The Office in this clip as Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, Dwight Schrute, played by Rainn Wilson, and Andy Bernard, played by Ed Helms, practiced their parkour styles. They happened to do so in their show’s opening scenes for Season 6. According to The Office Wiki, this episode was seen by 8.2 million people.

Taylor Kinney of ‘Chicago Fire’ Shared Sweet Story About His Brother

Speaking of Taylor Kinney, he had an interesting story involving Leonardo DiCaprio. Well, it also involves Kinney’s younger brother, too, who is a big Leo fan. According to Taylor, he was at an event where his brother was also around. He happened to see DiCaprio there and asked him if he’d say hello to Kinney’s brother.

Leonardo said sure and things were moving along swimmingly. Or so it was hoped. Apparently, the younger Kinney got a little flustered at seeing one of his film heroes. Kinney would say that he hasn’t seen his brother get flustered very much at all. In this situation, though, there was flustering flying.

Kinney said that he saw his brother Lou, who tossed him a look and happened to walk away. “I go up to my brother and I’m like ‘What the hell?'” Taylor Kinney said. So, as the story goes, the little brother ends up just mumbling two words when meeting DiCaprio. They were “The beach.” Go figure.

Show fans are still getting over seeing Severide get married to Stella Kidd, played by Miranda Rae Mayo. It happened to be the wedding of the season at least from a Chicago Fire perspective. Hey, even Matt Casey, played by Jesse Spencer, made an appearance along with his lady Sylvie Brett, played by Kara Killmer. Now, we all get to watch and see how this marriage gets off and running this season. How will this affect their work at the firehouse? These and other thoughts probably will be among those that fans will be having throughout watching the show. NBC has its One Chicago lineup on Wednesday nights and Chicago Fire is definitely an important part of it all. We don’t know if there will be any throwbacks to The Office during this upcoming season. Hopefully, this clip brings a smile to your face.