‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Teases Season 11 Premiere

by Taylor Cunningham

We have less than two weeks until the Chicago Fire fall premiere. And showrunner Derek Hass is teasing major chaos ahead for our friends at the 51.

Last season closed with the nuptials of Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide. Though some trouble surrounded the blessed event, the episode left everyone filled with love and happiness, aside from Sylvie Brett and Matthew Casey, who seem to be heading towards a breakup.

But in the final moments of the episode, Chicago Fire left fans on a cliffhanger. As the newlyweds arrived at their secluded honeymoon cabin, a dark and ominous SUV trailed them. And it was obvious that whoever was behind the wheel was up to something sinister.

We now know that both of the firefighters will make it out of the situation alive. However, surviving will come with a struggle. As the official Season 11 Episode 1 synopsis shares, the couple will be met “by a dangerous person from their past.”

The ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 11 Opener Will Reveal a ‘Dangerous Person’ and Send the 51 to a Chaotic Wedding Reception

During an interview with ET, Haas kept that situation under wraps, which means it’s possible that it will lead to a main story arch in the season. But he did give away that the installation will begin with that drama. So, we won’t wait long to see if said “dangerous person” is a familiar face or a new Chicago Fire villain.

However, Hass did give a first look at the opener to hold us over. And it shows Severide heading right back to a wedding. But this time, it’s under less joyous circumstances.

“Season 11 blasts off with a relentless pace, starting right where we left Severide and Kidd last season — and the episode never lets up for the full hour,” he told the publication. “Let’s just say it has a lot of heat. From the very first second.”

In an exclusive photo, uniform donning Severide and his pal Joe Cruz can be seen rushing a frantic bride away from a smokey backdrop. The bride is covered in soot and pieces of a tent burn behind her. According to the executive producer, the chaos begins when a pyrotechnic display sets the reception on fire.

Aside from the wedding chaos, not much more is known about what’s in store for Season 11. However, the first official One Chicago promo does prove that the Stellaride honeymoon may be more “dangerous” than we imagined.

Watch the story unravel on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT when Chicago Fire premieres on NBC.