‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunners ‘Feel Bad’ for What They’re Putting Fans Through in Season 10 Finale

by Taylor Cunningham

Be prepared Chicago Fire fans—this week’s season finale is not going to be full of happy endings.

Coming into the season 10 closure, creators Derek Haas and Andrea Newman have been building some serious tension and drama between the first responders of the 51. And it’s all going to come to a head this Wednesday.

For one, the episode surrounds the Stellaride wedding. But there seems to be trouble in the relationship, and talks of a breakup have been spreading on the internet.

On top of that, Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett are at a crossroads in their own romance. And after spending weeks together in Oregon, the couple has to decide what they’re going to do about their long-distance romance.

Also, Violet’s career is on the line thanks to her malicious temporary partner, Emma.

“The final three episodes are like a race car revving up and then the second to last, penultimate one, it’s like the engine is getting up to smoking and then the car gets unleashed in the finale. And the race is not over when the finale ends,” Haas told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview.

As the Chicago Fire boss continued, he admitted that he likes to give fans what they want. But in the case of the finale, that’s not going to happen. And the audience is probably going to be heartbroken by the end of the episode.

“I just feel bad for what fans are going to have to face in the finale,” he admitted.

A Lot is at Stake During the ‘Chicago Fire’ Finale

Of course, what will go down in the Chicago Fire finale is completely up in the air. And there is no way that Haas and Newman will give up their secrets. However, they’re always down to give us some teasers.

Among those teasers is that the wedding will not go as planned. In fact, absolutely everything will go wrong for the couple on their big day. And Stella Kidd’s actress Miranda Rae Mayo even admitted that the chaos could stop the nuptials in their tracks.

“We may or may not be getting married,” she told Us earlier this week.

And aside from the obvious issue of the Casey and Brett union, Casey may also have some drama will a fellow groomsman. But he may enjoy that tension a little.

“We’re getting a kick out of the fact that Cruz asked Severide to be his best man. And now Cruz has to be the second best man at Severide’s wedding. He’s not that happy about it!”

And as all One Chicago fans know, there’s always a chance that a favorite character moves, gets fired, or worse—dies during a finale. And the creators aren’t willing to say that everyone was spared this time around.

“That’s kind of a [creator] Dick Wolf special anyway,” Newman added. “He likes to keep everybody guessing on all his shows, and we have a big cast. We have an enormous cast. Who knows what could happen?”