‘Chicago Fire’ Star Kara Killmer Drops Behind the Scenes Photos From Stellaride Wedding Set

by Taylor Cunningham

The Chicago Fire Stellaride wedding may be a thing of the past. But star Kara Killmer is still living in the memories of the special event.

Today, the Sylvie Brett actress took to Instagram to post a carousel of photos that she collected while filming the season 9 closure.

“#Stellaride wedding photo dump with all my favorite angel babies!” she captioned.

In the photos, Killmer poses behind the scenes with her co-stars Taylor Kinney, Eamonn Walker, Jesse Spencer, Miranda Rae Mayo, Hanako Greensmith, and David Eigenberg.

The snapshots show the actress enjoying her breaks and bonding between sets. And it’s apparent that she’s not the only one celebrating the day, which Taylor Kinney proved during an exclusive with US Weekly.

‘Chicago Fire’ Actor Taylor Kinney Says the Wedding was ‘A Family Affair’

According to Kinney, the nuptials, which finally united Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd, were as special to the stars as a real wedding. But just like an actual ceremony, it did not go off without a hitch.

“It was a family affair. It was a big event,” the Severide actor shared.

However, the cast and crew apparently had a hard time shooting the scene. And in order to meet deadlines, they had to make some last-minute changes that added stress almost as dramatic as the episode’s plot twists.

“We were [originally supposed] to shoot on a location at Navy Pier in Chicago. And we just had a wild day,” he told the publication. “It was gusty, windy, freezing.”

Some of the crew members had to run to wardrobe and get suited up for the scene to fill gaps. And a stunt coordinator got “dressed up in a tux” to guest star “for a brief scene.” But luckily, the chaos ended up leading to something even better in the end.

“We changed locations,” he continued. “And we did it on the river in Chicago and the backdrop is amazing. It was a beautiful day.”

While reflecting on the big day, the actor admitted that the reason he cherishes events like the Stellaride wedding is that he knows how remarkable it is to be a part of a series like Chicago Fire, especially for an entire decade.

“It’s never lost on me how special it is to be a part of something with [the] longevity this has, and it’s a testament to Dick Wolf [and] the team of people that he puts together,” he added. “I’m excited for season 11. I’m not privy to script’s information of where they’re going with it.”