‘Chicago Fire’ Star Recalls Her Time As a Dead Body on The Show

by Shelby Scott

It sounds like a major downer, but Chicago Fire and the rest of One Chicago‘s dramas have featured a number of “dead” bodies over the years. As we know, every one of them is an actor, oftentimes filled by extras. However, taking a look back at the season two episode “A Problem House,” rising star Tawny Newsome is sharing how she got her start as an actress as one of Chicago Fire‘s many dead bodies.

While speaking with Looper about the 2013 episode, Newsome recalled, “I played Jen, and I died. I had one line, and then you saw me on a stretcher.”

It sounds simple enough. But, even with her minor role, Chicago Fire‘s showrunners provided her with some helpful tips that have further contributed to her career’s success.

“I didn’t even understand things like standing on your mark or ‘Don’t look down the barrel of a camera,'” Newsome admitted. Nevertheless, despite her very minor role, she recalled her brief time on Chicago Fire fondly. She further stated, “I’m sure I was an idiot, and that director was like, ‘It’s okay. You only have one line, and then you’re going to be a dead body. I’ll help you through this.”

Newsome further said of her experience on Chicago Fire that she starred in the series at a time when “the only television they saw fit to produce in that town was very ambulance-centric. If you wanted to be an actor in Chicago, you had to either be a paramedic, a cop, or a dead body.”

She said that she was proud to have done “it all” while in Chicago. But she was even happier that she left the Windy City to pursue her career in Los Angeles. In doing so, her career has grown tri-fold, seeing her in major roles like Beckett Mariner on Star Trek: Lower Decks.

When Does ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 11 Begin Filming?

It’s always fun to look back at Chicago Fire‘s rookie episodes. However, we’re even more excited about the upcoming premiere of the NBC series’ 11th season. Chicago Fire officially returns to TV on Wednesday, September 21st during its usual 9 p.m. EST timeslot. But when can we expect filming to begin?

Very soon. A post from CarterMatt notes Chicago Fire kicks off filming on July 19th. So we only have a few more days to go until our favorite first responder-based series begins production for a whole new season of action, excitement, and drama—with an emphasis on the drama.

When Chicago Fire season 10 concluded, we were, as always, left with multiple cliffhanger plotlines.

Following their nuptials, Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd headed to the former’s cabin to celebrate a romantic night together. However, things promised to quickly crumble as a suspicious pickup truck rolled up outside their honeymoon destination.

Meanwhile, Casey and Brett face what could be the end of their relationship as their long-distance status proves to be increasingly difficult. What comes next for Chicago Fire‘s fan-favorite couples in season 11? Check back here at American Entertainment for all the latest updates.