‘Chicago Fire’ Star Return Confirmed, But We Still Have Serious Questions

by Shelby Scott

When Chicago Fire aired its season 10 finale in May, fans were left with a boat load of questions. But, one of the biggest questions ties into the safety of two of our favorite characters. Following their romantic wedding on the Chicago River, the beloved couple known as “Stellaride”–Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide—headed to the latter’s cabin to celebrate their vows during a little staycation. But after the door closed behind them, fans saw a strange vehicle pull up outside their honeymoon suite. What does this mean for Kidd and Severide?

Stella Kidd Officially Returns For Season 11 Filming

Well, thanks to a new post from Chicago Fire star Daniel Kyri, we can at least confirm that Stella Kidd, played by actress Miranda Rae Mayo, will, fortunately, make a return with the new season. In fact, per ScreenRant, the clip also shows the actress wearing the new Mrs. Severide’s bright, new wedding band.

However, that begs another question. Where is Kelly Severide? If Stella Kidd makes it out of the potentially deadly confrontation with the stranger outside of their cabin during the premiere, why hasn’t Severide featured in any of Kyri, or any other cast members’, posts? And why is Taylor Kinney’s character in danger in the first place?

Well, here’s a quick review covering the events of season 10. One of Chicago Fire‘s final episodes of the season saw Kinney’s character make a bust on one of the city’s biggest drug smugglers. So when he went to the police about his discovery, the dealer’s boss and his crones jumped the righteous fireman. In doing so, they put him in the hospital with some minor injuries. Severide saw brief protection from the city’s law enforcement officers afterward. However, it’s no secret that he’s pissed more than a few bad people off. And that’s where the all-new season of Chicago Fire will likely pick up.

‘Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney Makes No Mention of His Character’s Departure

We have a long wait to find out what happens next for Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide. Although, we can pretty much confirm that Severide’s actor Taylor Kinney will definitely return for the NBC drama’s upcoming season. Now that his character and Miranda Rae Mayo’s are married, fans have begun to wonder what comes next for the dynamic duo. Most importantly, they’ve been wondering if children are a part of the couple’s plans.

Unfortunately, Taylor Kinney didn’t have any insight regarding any potential Stellaride children ahead of season 11. However, in speaking about Chicago Fire‘s upcoming season overall, Kinney did state, “I’m excited for season 11. I’m not privy to scripts or information on where they’re going with [Kidd and Severide’s relationship]…I have no clue [about kids], but I’m excited.

Chicago Fire, and One Chicago‘s other two sister series Med and PD, all return to NBC with brand new season premieres on Wednesday, September 21st beginning at 8 p.m. EST.