‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney Opens Up About ‘Special’ Stellaride Wedding

by Taylor Cunningham

The Chicago Fire Stellaride wedding is almost upon us, and the groom’s actor, Taylor Kinney, is positive that fans will love every moment of it.

Save the date for May 25th because that’s when Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd will finally say “I do.” The nuptials have been a long-awaited affair for fans, who have rooted for the pair since they started dating in season 6.

Because the two firefighters went through some major drama earlier this year, the event almost didn’t happen. But luckily, everything smoothed out. And as Kinney shared with US Weekly, filming the episode was as special as a real wedding.

The installment brings back former Firehouse 51 captain Matt Casey. Not only was the character beloved by everyone on the show, but the actor was close with the castmates as well. So his return to The Windy City made the day especially perfect.

“It was a family affair,” shared Kinney. “It was a big event.” Adding, “I hope [fans] get as much out of it watching as we did shooting it. It was a blast. We had a lot of fun.”

As all fans of Chicago Fire know, Casey and Severide are best friends. And before Casey left his job to raise a late friend’s orphaned children, he promised Severide that he wouldn’t miss his wedding. He’ll play a special role in the day as the best man.

The ‘Chicago Fire’ Wedding May Bring Closure to the Violet Situation

When Matt Casey returns, he’ll also bring along his girlfriend, Sylvie Brett, who has been missing from the screen while visiting Casey. Her absence has caused some drama for Violet. Because Brett took a leave of absence, Violet had to pair up with a temporary partner named Emma. And she’s been a nightmare for Violet’s career.

Emma is set on stealing Violet’s permanent gig with the 51. And she’s determined to take it by any means possible. Her recent lies and manipulation tactics have been proving effective lately, which has led a lot of fans to question if the big series finale would end with Violet making an exit.

And while that’s still a possibility, Kinney shared that this year’s closure would not follow the trend of almost all One Chicago finales in the past. Instead of leaving everyone with a major, dramatic cliffhanger, they’ll see a happy ending. That may mean that Violet has a chance of surviving her partner.

As the actor teased, Chicago Fire will always end in “plot twists,” but “the fans will love” what’s in store this year. But he’s even more excited about what next season will bring. Though despite being a lead actor, he has no idea what’s ahead for Stellaride.

“It’s never lost on me how special it is to be a part of something with [the] longevity this has. And it’s a testament to Dick Wolf [and] the team of people that he puts together,” Kinney added. “I’m excited for season 11. I’m not privy to script’s information of where they’re going with it.”