‘Chicago Fire’ Star’s Season 3 Storyline is ‘The Funniest Thing’ He’s Ever Seen

by Shelby Scott

There’s a whole lot to love about “Chicago Fire” star Joe Minoso’s character Joe Cruz. However, for now, we anxiously await more news on the NBC drama’s 11th season. In the meantime, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite storylines. And for Joe Cruz, one fan-favorite took place way back in season three. Later, in speaking about this particular subplot, the beloved Squad 3 member shared that this storyline, in particular, is likely “the funniest thing he’s ever seen.”

Looking Back on Joe Cruz’s Zumba Class

Joe Cruz is one of “Chicago Fire’s” original cast members. He made his debut in the pilot alongside series stars Taylor Kinney (Kelly Severide) and Jesse Spencer (Matt Casey) back in 2012. Since then, the character’ has undergone a major transformation, becoming a dependable man, father, and husband. However, before meeting his wife Chloe, welcoming an infant son, and adopting an immigrant child, not to mention working as a fireman, Joe Cruz was also a Zumba instructor.

In season three, the seventh episode “No One Touches Anything” put a spotlight on “Chicago Fire’s” newest character, Sylvie Brett. Brett came to Firehouse 51 following the death of former paramedic Leslie Shay. Weeks after arriving, she begins looking for a Zumba class to attend. Well, soon enough, she finds the perfect class. And, upon showing up, walks into a room full of dozens of attendees.

When the class begins, Brett is dumbfounded to find her instructor is none other than Squad 3’s Joe Cruz. Immediately, the fireman and Zumba instructor launched into the routine, with the paramedic following along in shock. But when Cruz spots his coworker, he freezes up. By the next episode, the character’s secret is out of the bag. And, as a result, Cruz’s next class is full of his coworkers.

Joe Minoso’s Take on His ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 3 Storyline

Despite Joe’s initial horror at seeing his coworkers attend his Zumba class, the “One Chicago” star himself revealed just how much fun he had while filming the storyline. According to Looper, Minoso spoke about the dance scene during an NBC-Universal event in 2015.

“It was more fun watching everyone try to follow me,” the actor revealed. “It was quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.”

If you’re wondering why Joe Cruz was so good at leading the fictional Zumba class, then it might surprise, and perhaps overjoy, you to learn Joe Minoso was actually a certified Zumba instructor before finding his way to “Chicago Fire.”

During the event, he revealed how he fell in love with the upbeat, exciting fitness program and that it helped him shed an impressive 70 pounds. Two months after earning his certification and moving to LA, the outlet states Joe Minoso broke into “Chicago Fire” and continues to reign as one of the series’ most beloved characters.