‘Chicago Fire’: Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide’s Wedding Soundtrack

by Joe Rutland

If you were tuned into Chicago Fire for the wedding of the year between Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide, then you heard some sweet music. Those tunes are definitely worth reviewing when you consider the likes of John Legend, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, and Etta James being in there. Let’s take a look at the soundtrack leading up to these two getting married.

For walking down the aisle, Legend’s All of Me was the music of choice. This song comes on while Stella makes her way to get married to Severide. But wait, there’s more. At the wedding party, Uptown Funk from Ronson with Mars gets some air time. It’s a solid party song and gets people up and moving. The tone changes to a slower pace with the James classic At Last being spun. We get more from One Chicago Center.

Jesse Spencer’s Return On ‘Chicago Fire’ Made Wedding More Of An Event

While that wedding did make headlines, the return of Jesse Spencer as Matt Casey also made some news. Spencer had left the show earlier in Season 10 while Casey is living these days in Oregon. But he and Sylvie Brett made an appearance at the Stellaride festivities and it was a good thing.

Showrunner Derek Haas said that show producers “begged” Spencer to return. “We pretty much begged him, pleaded, and offered him the moon so that he would come back and do the finale,” Haas said. “Andrea and I and [executive producer Michael] Gilvary, basically, whatever it took, we were like, ‘Jesse, you’re coming and doing this finale.'” We’re pretty dang sure that longtime fans would love to see Spencer come back and be a part of the cast. Well, you did get a Casey sighting in the Season 10 finale. What the future holds for the actor and show remains to be seen.

Show Fans Offer Their Own Thoughts About Who Could Become Lieutenant

Speaking of fans, they have some ideas around who’d they like to see become lieutenant next. What would it take to have actor Christian Stolte’s character Randall “Mouch” McHolland become one? Stolte rejects this idea at a One Chicago video event. “Wonder if Mouch is going to be Lieutenant of 81 now,” Stolte reads. “No, Mouch is not going to be the lieutenant of anything. I think the plan for the character from the very beginning was to have one guy who’s served 30-something years in the C.F.D as a ground-level, blue-collar grunt type who started that way and retired that way.”

Want to know who is on board for it? Miranda Rae Mayo. She’s all ready to have Stella Kidd as a lieutenant. “That’s what’s up,” she said. “Me too.”