‘Chicago Fire’: The Storylines Fans Hope to See in Season 11

by Shelby Scott

As we (not so) patiently await the return of Chicago Fire to NBC this fall, fans are spinning out potential plotlines for the upcoming season. Sadly, we still have months to go until the hit drama returns. In the meantime, Chicago Fire fans have taken to social media to share some storylines they hope to see when the show returns. And they had lots of requests.

In a new Reddit thread, one viewer asked others to share their thoughts regarding season 11. Kicking off the discussion, they asked other Chi-hards, “What would you say would make season 11 a good season for you[?]”

Holistically, one fan replied, “A good season would be one that feels like an ensemble again and focuses on the calls and friendships rather than the romantic relationships. The balance this season was the worst it’s ever been.”

Fans Want a Jason Pelham Return

Others, meanwhile, are hoping to see more of Jason Pelham during Chicago Fire‘s 11th season. Pelham actor Brett Dalton had a short run but left a lasting impression on Chicago Fire viewers. Overall, his character had a complicated past that and dotted with trouble as Kelly Severide’s though with a personality that contrasts the Squad 3 lieutenant in many ways.

Specifically, one fan said, “Pelham was great to balance out Severide, Stella, and Hermann. He was a new face and different enough to them to be a great balance now that Casey is gone.”

Unfortunately, we can’t be certain whether or not Pelham will feature in upcoming episodes of Chicago Fire. Ahead of the Season 10 finale, his actor Brett Dalton left to pursue other TV work. And while we saw him during the final episodes of the season, it’s unclear whether writers have completely written him off.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Have Grown Tired of Romantic Storylines

The season 10 finale of Chicago Fire was absolutely full of romance and relationship tension. Over several months, we saw trouble brewing between Violet and Chief Hawkins, the strained state of Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett’s relationship, as well as the long-awaited wedding of Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide. As such, I think it’s safe to say action-hungry fans are tired of all 51’s lovesick firefighters.

In referencing Brett, one contributor wrote, “Either Sylvie breaks up with Casey or Brett leaves the show to be with Casey. But enough of the long distance relationship.”

Similarly, another Redditor wants to see Sylvie Brett’s storyline head as far from romance as possible.

Ahead of the Season 11 premiere, they wrote, “Anything literally anything that doesn’t reduce [Brett] to a love interest. More paramedicine, maybe she needs to recruit people or fundraises or faces a moral dilemma.”

And that’s only the beginning of Chicago Fire fans’ suggestions. All in all, I would definitely say the show’s writers have their work cut out for them this year.