‘Chicago Fire’: Taylor Kinney Never Saw Stella’s Dress Ahead of Stellaride Wedding

by Megan Molseed

The 10th season of the One Chicago hit drama series Chicago Fire ended with a long-awaited event…the Stellaride wedding. Fans had been waiting a long time to see this fan-favorite couple tie the knot. And, the finale episode did not disappoint.

Now, Taylor Kinney the man who portrays Kelly Severide…the “ride” in Stellaride, is opening up about his character’s big day. And the moment he saw his TV bride, Miranda Rae Mayo walk down the aisle in her stunning wedding gown.

Taylor Kinney Dishes On Chicago Fire Nuptials, Seeing The TV Bride For the First Time

For about four years now, fans have been loving the connection between Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide and Miranda Rae Mayo’s Stella Kidd. And we were not disappointed one bit during the touching – and long-awaited – TV wedding last spring. Even Kinney says that the nuptials felt like the real deal.

“It did feel like a real wedding,” Taylor Kinney says in a recent interview.

“I was pretty magical,” the One Chicago star continues. “Pretty special.” And, Kinney says, they played the whole thing out just like a real event. Right down to the bride’s big reveal.

“I really hadn’t seen her in the dress,” Kinney relates.

“And I know hearing stories about people saying the first time they see their bride,” he adds.

“It was neat seeing her walk up with Boden,” Kinney continues.

“She looked beautiful, the dress was beautiful,” he says, noting that he felt about these nuptials the same way the fans felt. “It’s been a long time coming,” Kinney says of the event.

It Was Touch And Go For The Couple, Right Up Until The ‘I Do’s’

As the tenth season of Chicago Fire came to a close last spring, fans were delighted when Severide and Kidd made the decision to move their wedding date up. After all, the anticipation of the day was just causing extra fear – and anxiety – for the longtime couple.

However, they didn’t have a venue…at first. The couple soon lands their dream venue at the last minute when another wedding cancels. This relief would be short-lived though when this falls through – as the couple learns the original wedding is now back on.

But, Jesse Spencer’s Matthew Casey steps in to save the day – as any good best man would! He finds the couple a unique venue. A boat, with just enough space for the big event. And, much to the delight of Fire fans everywhere, the couple finally ties the knot in a gorgeously intimate ceremony.