‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney Recalls Story of His Brother Being Starstruck by Leonardo DiCaprio

by Joe Rutland

For Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney, being starstruck by someone like Leonardo DiCaprio might not be such a big deal. But when it comes to his brother? Man, that’s worth a story in itself. Well, Kinney, who plays Kelly Severide on the NBC first-responder drama, shares that story below. He’s chatting it up with S. Epatha Merkerson in this video clip and they are having quite a laugh about this situation. Let’s let Kinney share this story.

As you can tell, the caption to this video states, “We better start thinking about what we’d say to Leo…just in case.” Yeah, you don’t want to be caught speechless or something else like it around a major star like DiCaprio.

“I’ve met DiCaprio at an event and had met him once or twice,” he said. “And my younger brother was with me and he is a huge, big fan. and but it’s rare that I see him get flustered. ‘Hey, Leo, would you say hello to my little brother?’ He’s like ‘Sure’ and so I am behind DiCaprio and I can see my brother. I see Lou and he makes this face, throws a look at me, then turns and walks away. I go up to my brother and go like ‘What the hell?'”

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The little brother ends up saying that he just stared at DiCaprio and simply mumbled two words that we all would do when meeting a star like Leo. Ready? He said, “The beach.” That was it. Those were the big words that Kinney’s little brother had to share with DiCaprio. Wow. Talk about being starstruck right there.

It’s amazing to know that these types of interactions do take place even among family members of stars like Kinney. Well, we are going to be watching Kinney closely as the next season of Chicago Fire starts up in the fall on NBC. Yep, Severide happened to get married to Stella Kidd, played by Miranda Rae Mayo, last season. How will things work out between the newlyweds? We will have to wait and see. Yet the show itself keeps things moving along with powerful storylines.

Now, here’s something that fans might want to know about. Will we be seeing kids in the future for Stellaride? It is a solid question as they are a just-married couple. Why not have some kids be part of their storyline? It might make some sense. Well, what do you say, Taylor Kinney? “I’m excited for Season 11,” he told Us Weekly in an interview. “I’m not privy to scripts or information on where they’re going with [the storyline]. I have no clue [about kids], but I’m excited.”