‘Chicago Fire’: Taylor Kinney Reveals If Fans Can Expect Kids in Stellaride’s Future

by Shelby Scott

Now that Chicago Fire fans’ favorite couple, Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide, have officially wed, the next big question is, can we expect “Stellaride” babies any time soon? As Chicago Fire amps up filming for its 11th season, series star and Severide actor Taylor Kinney dished on whether or not we can expect kids in the fiction couple’s future?

Unfortunately, given the early stages of the upcoming season’s production, Kinney was unable to reveal any groundbreaking information. During a Us Weekly interview, the longtime Chicago Fire star said, “I’m excited for Season 11,” as are we all. However, he did add, “I’m not privy to scripts or information on where they’re going with [the storyline].”

When asked about whether or not we might expect any Stellaride babies anytime soon, he also voided the question, simply answering, “I have no clue [about kids], but I’m excited.”

Sorry Chi-hards. If you’re looking for major Chicago Fire intel, then Taylor Kinney isn’t the guy you need to talk to. Be sure to check back here for updates as filming for the NBC drama gets underway.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Are Predicting a Pregnancy Reveal For One Major Character

Romance has been heavy in the air on Chicago Fire this year. However, ahead of Season 11, it seems fans are dying for one character to welcome a new baby. If Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide plan to move forward simply enjoying life as a married couple for a while, fans on Reddit have turned to Sylvie Brett and the recently departed Matt Casey for a new baby.

In a discussion regarding the potentially crumbling couple’s relationship, one fan shared, “So [I] noticed in season 10 it seemed Brett was a bit more ‘family’ focused. Even when talking about Matt…she always brought up the [Darden] boys and often bragged how well Ben was doing. Even scenes with her sister, they showed [she] had grown attached to Matt and [Brett’s] reaction to that.”

As such, they questioned, “It makes me wonder if they will have Brett find out she is pregnant next season.”

Fan responses varied. And while Matt Casey fans would love to see the couple welcome a child, the reality is his actor, Jesse Spencer, has officially departed Chicago Fire. So fans sick of the long-distance dynamic would become especially disappointed by a long-distance pregnancy.

Another fan reasoned, “if her and Casey are done, I hope the writers give her a break and don’t throw her back into a romance right away.”

Brett has remained a major player in Chicago Fire‘s storylines since coming to the series in season three. But, many fans take issue with the fact that the character has been in a multitude of relationships. Overall, it prevents writers from giving the Brett character depth and furthering her part at Firehouse 51.