‘Chicago Fire’ Tops Demo and Viewership Ratings for Wednesday

by Leanne Stahulak

This past Wednesday, “Chicago Fire” beat out all the other broadcast shows for demo and viewership ratings, including “Survivor” and “The Masked Singer.”

“Survivor” dropped from a 0.8 demo rating to 0.7 this week, tying at the top with “Chicago Fire.” But “Fire” won out majorly in terms of the number of viewers. Per Deadline, 6.63 million people tuned in to the NBC procedural while only 5.15 million watched the CBS reality show.

Following close behind those two were “Chicago Med” and “Chicago P.D.” with 0.6 demo ratings a piece. Both shows also beat out “Survivor” and others when it came to viewership. “Med” clocked in 6.18 million viewers while “P.D.” earned 5.49 million. While the “One Chicago” franchise really reigned supreme this Wednesday, “P.D.” did drop one-tenth for its demo rating.

On the CBS side of things, “Beyond the Edge” aired after “Survivor” with 2.58 million viewers. It also tied for the lowest demo rating of the night at 0.3. CBS also aired a rerun of “FBI.”

“The Conners” landed in the middle for demo ratings on ABC with 0.4. About 2.74 million viewers tuned in. “The Goldbergs” also earned a 0.4 rating and boasted 2.5 million viewers. Things dropped off when “The Wonder Years” came on with 0.3 and 1.8 million viewers. “Home Economics” and “A Million Little Things” brought in the rear with 0.2 demo ratings and 1.77 and 1.62 million viewers, respectively.

As for Fox, “The Masked Singer’s” performance dropped from last week to this week. It only had a 0.4 demo rating and 2.88 million viewers. “Domino Masters” also performed low (but steady compared to last week). The competition series earned a 0.3 demo rating and 1.54 million viewers.

Why Did ‘Chicago Fire’ Perform So Well in the Ratings?

“Chicago Fire” likely performed well in the ratings because viewers missed out on it for the last two weeks. The “One Chicago” franchise returned after a brief hiatus, and fans couldn’t wait to see certain storylines wrap up while others blossomed anew.

“Chicago Fire” Season 10 Episode 20 kicks off with Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd arguing about Blake Gallo. Severide admits he’s been training Gallo to join his team, which infuriates Kidd. Trouble in paradise right before the wedding doesn’t bode well for the two lovebirds.

Meanwhile, Sean DeGrimes and Christopher Hermann start fighting as well. DeGrimes wants to open a bar and asks Hemann for advice. But when Hermann sees DeGrimes’ bar for the first time, he realizes his friend essentially copied his own bar from the inside out. He helps DeGrimes see that he has to find his own thing.

Finally, we have Emma Jacobs threatening Violet Mikami, as the two continue to butt heads. Emma and Violet blame each other for not packing a medical equipment item that they need on an emergency call. Emma then goes to Chief even Hawkins to blackmail him into transferring Violet, since Emma knows she and Hawkins are sleeping together.

Don’t miss out on next week’s explosive episode of “Chicago Fire” on Wednesday.