‘Chicago Fire’ Used Twins To Portray This One Character

by Craig Garrett

Chicago Fire has become a staple of NBC’s lineup, but long-time fans were surprised to discover a particular character was played by twins. Chicago Fire has given fans a large number of characters to keep track of and get attached to. After all, the show has been on for 10 seasons and 200 episodes. Hardcore fans may pick from a firehouse full of central figures from the show.

Of course, the series also features many recurring characters and guest stars. Then there are the numerous recurring actors who appear in side roles, such as bad guy Carl Grisson (Gary Cole), firehouse chaplain Teddy Sears (Kyle Sheffield), and 51’s temporary new Lieutenant Brett Dalton (Jason Pelham). Even diehard fans have trouble juggling so many characters.

That said, there are a lot of actors in the Chicago Fire universe. That said, in terms of determining the key character who is portrayed by twins on the program, there are only a few options. The chances of a major cast member swapping places with a twin that no one knew about are slim. However, the cast member sharing their role with a twin is a recurring character.

Chicago Fire had a major storyline featuring a character played by twins

The fourth and fifth seasons of Chicago Fire feature a prominent narrative about paramedic/firefighter Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund). The story follows her and her fiancé Matt Casey’s efforts to adopt a young boy they rescued from a foster home fire. That young boy is Louie Thompson. According to IMDb, Louie is played by twin brothers Austin and Aiden Cohen. The two 3-year-olds both played the part from their debut in the “Kind of a Crazy Idea” episode in 2016. They shared the part until their final appearance in “The People We Meet” chapter in 2017.

The use of twins to play child characters is a pretty common practice. A famous example would be Michelle from Full House. She was of course played by twins Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen. This is usually done due to labor laws involving child actors. The fact is, because child labor laws restrict the number of hours children may work in a day, many productions employ twins to overcome this casting issue.

Some Chicago Fire fans were still blindsided by this practice. A Reddit discussion had several viewers voicing their surprise. “I just found out he was portrayed by twins (The Cohen Twins) and not by just one person,” user u/Clexa The_100 said. Another fan voiced their surprise. “Awww they’re so cute! I thought it was one child too!” u/SparkleSun89787 exclaimed. Finally, one fan seemed to have no clue about the practice of casting twins. “I had no idea! This is so precious … Those are two talented young boys!” u/Lizcredible wrote.