‘Chicago Fire’: Watch Casey Return for ‘Stellaride’ Wedding in Preview of Next Week’s Season Finale

by Caitlin Berard

In October of last year, Jesse Spencer left Chicago Fire fans devastated when he departed from the series, taking his fan-favorite character, Matt Casey, with him. Rather than killing him off, however, Chicago Fire writers merely moved Matt Casey to Oregon. This way, he would be far enough that fans wouldn’t expect regular appearances but remain alive and well, leaving the door open for guest appearances in the future.

And with the Season 10 finale approaching, Chicago Fire executive producer Derek Haas saw the perfect opportunity for such an appearance. Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) were preparing for their wedding, and Matt Casey would never miss his best friend’s special day.

“We went to [Jesse Spencer] and said, ‘You’re so loved on this show. And with the Severide wedding coming up, there’s no way Casey would miss seeing his best friend getting married. Come on, man!'” Haas explained to Deadline earlier this year. “So, he graciously agreed to come back for the finale.”

Ahead of the finale premiere, Chicago Fire released a promo for the episode, in which Matt Casey gives his best friend a pep talk ahead of his wedding. “Watching you change since Stella came into your life, she’s made you a better man,” Casey said. “You guys are meant to be.”

‘Chicago Fire’ EP Expresses Excitement for Jesse Spencer’s Finale Return

Chicago Fire executive producer Derek Haas couldn’t be more excited for the return of Matt Casey. In a recent interview with TV Line, the EP gave more details about his talks with Jesse Spencer ahead of the Chicago Fire Season 10 finale.

“We pretty much begged him, pleaded, and offered him the moon so that would come back and do the finale,” Haas said. “But he’s the greatest and he was in even before we started all of that. The character pledged he would be best man at Severide’s wedding. We’re so grateful to [Jesse] that he would come back and honor that pledge.”

Matt Casey’s return to Chicago Fire will no doubt create some happy moments for the Season 10 finale. However, fans should expect turmoil as well. When Casey moved to Oregon, he left his girlfriend Brett behind.

Until now, the two have attempted a long-distance relationship, but a breakup during the finale seems likely. Continuing a long-distance relationship indefinitely is unrealistic. And Casey’s appearance presents an opportunity for the couple to end their relationship in person and on good terms.

According to showrunner Andrea Newman, fans will “see a Casey who is in a very happy and content place in terms of [his] life [in Oregon]. And the big question mark is his relationship with Brett.”