‘Chicago Fire’: What Comes Next for Violet, Hawkins and Gallo in Season 11?

by Shelby Scott

As is pretty standard for “Chicago Fire,” the season 10 finale has left fans with more questions than answers. We finally saw Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd share their vows. Ella got booted from Firehouse 51, and Matt Casey made one final return. Nevertheless, there were plenty of storylines left without answers. One of the biggest questions remaining ahead of season 11 is, who will the love-torn paramedic Violet end up with?

Violet’s Love Triangle Endures Into Season 11

As we know, things have not been easy for Violet and Hawkins since they began dating earlier this season. They’ve both tried to keep their relationship under wraps despite being very much in love with each other. But, unfortunately, things have only turned out badly. As TV Insider reminds us, Violet nearly lost her job after one of her coworkers found out about their relationship.

As we saw in the finale, Violet finally admitted that her relationship with the paramedic chief was a bad idea. Additionally, she became angry at him when she felt as though Hawkins did not do enough to save her job. That said, “Chicago Fire” fans knew, as Violet didn’t, that Hawkins was willing to put his own job on the line to keep Violet from losing hers. So we’re still hoping to see his return this fall.

Later then, following the long-awaited Stellaride wedding, it seemed as though the paramedic was in a better place with her friend, coworker, and long-ago ex, Blake Gallo. In fact, Gallo even went to great stakes during the penultimate episode as a way to rescue Violet.

Unfortunately, showrunners haven’t given us as many details about Violet’s love triangle ahead of “Chicago Fire’s” 11th season. However, we do have the scoop on another fan-favorite couple.

‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunners Tease One Couple’s Potential Break-Up

As much as we hate to think about it, Matt Casey actor Jesse Spencer has officially departed “Chicago Fire.” leaving many fans heartbroken. That said, we might just see two more broken hearts when “Chicago Fire” returns this fall.

Ahead of the Season 10 finale, one of the series’ showrunners, Andrea Newman, spoke a little bit about what fans can expect from Matt Casey and his long-distance girlfriend Sylvie Brett. The buildup to the couple’s relationship has been seasons in the making. Unfortunately, though, all that build could lead to nothing. Newman teased Casey and Brett might be headed toward a breakup in season 11.

During an interview with TVLine, the showrunner said, “[Casey and Brett] have just spent a bunch of time together [in Oregon], and now they’re going to have to part ways again because they live in these separate places.”

During the finale, she explained, “he comes back with her, and they attend this wedding together and get to have that moment that everybody has at a wedding where you look at somebody else’s relationship. And that makes you reassess your own.”

Following “Chicago Fire’s” season 10 finale, it seems Casey and Brett have a lot of “reassessing” to do in order to figure out what’s best for both of them.