‘Chicago Fire’: What Does the Season 11 Future Hold for Jesse Spencer?

by Shelby Scott

Chicago Fire” concluded its 10th season with a bang on Wednesday, officially becoming NBC’s most-watched drama of the 2021-2022 season. The season 10 finale featured some exciting and emotional storylines we’d been waiting to wrap up all season. And, as always, fans were left with several unanswered questions. Ahead of the Season 11 premiere, one is, what does the future hold for “Chicago Fire” alum Jesse Spencer?

As we know, Jesse Spener left “Chicago Fire” earlier this season, following the show’s milestone 200th episode. Following his departure, he vowed he wouldn’t be returning to the series any time soon. That is, aside from his brief feature in the Wednesday night finale. Still, fans are hopeful we’ll see more of Jesse Spencer later in the series.

Well, according to CarterMatt, Jesse Spencer remains open to making occasional appearances on “Chicago Fire” in the future. However, following his departure earlier this season, he decided he wanted to take a break from the small screen. He also said he needed to take time to take care of his family.

Further, it would make more sense for Casey to return to “Chicago Fire” when there was a story worth returning for. One example the outlet gave would be if Casey came back to see his girlfriend, Sylvie Brett. Additionally, his return would be even more of a surprise given the couple seems to be in agreement that their relationship might not be working long distance.

Nevertheless, we’ll just have to see what “Chicago Fire” writers have in the works when season 11 premieres.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Have One Major Problem with Jesse Spencer’s Character

“Chicago Fire” saw massively successful ratings during its season 10 finale. That said, it’s interesting to think fans have a serious problem with Jesse Spencer’s character. And despite all of Matt Casey’s likable characteristics, fans found one quirk very unlikable.

The quirk? Whenever Casey is angry or upset, he has a tendency to point his finger. Fans discussed the irksome habit on Reddit.

“I’ve spotted that whenever Casey is wound up about something or confronting someone, he has to point his finger in the person’s face so that we know he’s angry.”

Other fans of “Chicago Fire” had similar comments.

“I just can’t take him seriously when he’s angry now as I’m sat here like, ‘ooh he’s about to get the angry finger out,” one Redditor contributed to the conversation.

Still, other “Chicago Fire” fans were more blatant with their criticisms. One fan wrote, “As much as I love Jesse Spencer, this always annoyed me.”

Further, while Matt Casey’s finger-pointing has annoyed many “Chicago Fire” fans, others have become more fed up with his hot-headedness, even claiming he can act condescending.