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‘Chicago Fire’: What to Expect From Season 10, Episode 20 ‘Halfway to the Moon’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images)

Season 10 of “Chicago Fire” is rapidly nearing its end. But, fortunately, we still have a few episodes left before the finale airs. Next Wednesday, May 11th, fans can look forward to an all-new episode of “Chicago Fire” after a weeks-long NBC hiatus. But now, we have new details as to what fans can expect from season 10’s episode, “Halfway to the Moon.”

According to Monsters & Critics, new “Chicago Fire” information was finally released ahead of the upcoming episode. In the meantime, the network has been airing current season reruns. Unfortunately, we still don’t have an episode promo to share with you. But, “Chicago Fire” network representatives have, at least, finally released “Halfway to the Moon’s” synopsis.

“A family friend asks Herrmann for some advice on opening a bar. Tensions run high between Emma and Violet. Kidd struggles to keep her team together.”

Overall, it appears the next all-new episode of “Chicago Fire” puts a spotlight on trouble. And knowing the show’s writers, we’ll likely see a lot of problem-solving among our first responders as well.

The last few episodes of “Chicago Fire” have highlighted the problems rising between Violet and Brett’s temporary replacement, Emma Jacobs. Most recently, we learned Jacobs might just be gunning for Violet’s job. However, with Kidd finally in a Lieutenant’s position and her team, at least the last we saw, meshing well together, it’ll be interesting to see what issues drive her crew of four apart.

It’ll also be interesting to see what friend of Herrmann’s makes an appearance when “Halfway to the Moon” airs.

When Will Sylvie Brett Return to ‘Chicago Fire’?

Trouble’s been brewing for a while between Violet and Emma. However, our usual paramedic in charge, Sylvie Brett, has been in Oregon visiting her long-distance boyfriend, Matt Casey. However, with Emma conniving to get Violet’s position on Ambulance 61, fans have even bigger concerns: is Brett even returning to “Chicago Fire”?

Fortunately, “Chicago Fire” showrunners have assured us that while Brett’s been missing for the last couple of episodes, the character remains a crucial member of the firehouse and that she will definitely be back by the season 10 finale.

While speaking with Deadline last week, “Chicago Fire” showrunner and executive producer, Derek Haas, said, “Yes, Sylvie will be back for the finale. She is a full-time member of 51.”

“Chicago Fire” fans became worried they would have to bid farewell to another favorite character as, several episodes ago, Sylvie admitted she needed more than just a week to spend with Casey. And so, several mentions following her departure hint she’ll be away from 51 for at least a month.

The uncertainty of the timeline for her return left many “Chicago Fire” fans concerned, however, Haas confirmed both Brett and Casey will make an appearance in this season’s finale episode.