‘Chicago Fire’: What Happened to Yuriy Sardarov?

by Megan Molseed

Yuriy Sardarov was a big part of the popular One Chicago series, Chicago Fire for the better part of seven years. However, Sardarov, who portrays Brian “Otis” Zvonecek on the hit TV series left the series as season 8 began, tragically losing his life in a deadly fire. Now, we wonder, what has this star been up to since his turn on the Dick Wolf-created series?

Yuriy Sardarov Is Not Stranger To Big Screen Roles, Even Prior To His Run On Chicago Fire

When Yuriy Sardarov joined the Chicago Fire cast at the start of the series, the actor had already been building up his resume in the business quite a bit. He appeared in 2011’s The Ides Of March and the 2012 Ben Affleck-led film Argo. Sardarov has also made appearances in the other One Chicago installments, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD.

However, despite his character being one Chicago Fire fans loved to see in the series, Yuriy Sardarov was ready to say goodbye in 2019. He sat down with One Chicago showrunner Derek Haas to discuss this move; creating a plan for his character’s exit from the franchise.

“I was very upfront with him about the fact that it’s been eight years, and I started when I was 22, and now I’m 31,” Sardarov tells Tell-Tale TV of his exit from Fire.

“The communication was very open and honest,” the actor adds. “And we both walked away from it feeling really good.”

Fans Face A Heartbreaking Ending To Sardarov’s Character As The Storyline Ends In Tragedy For Otis

Yuriy Sardarov’s character Otis Zvonecek’s death in the heartbreaking Chicago Fire was one of the most emotional of the series. Especially as he meets the devastating fate in front of Joe Minoso’s Chicago Fire character, Joe Cruz.

“In that last scene, Joe Minoso does such an incredible job,” Sardarov remembers of his final Fire moments.

“The tears in his eyes were real,” the actor notes. “And the tears in my eyes were real.”  

What Has Sardarov Been Up To Since His Exit From Fire?

In 2021, Yuriy Sardarov took on a role in the film Amy and Peter Are Getting Divorced. In this film. the former Fire star portrays an ex to one of the title characters, Amy. And, in 2022, Yuriy portrays a terrorist named Trevor Gurin (also known as Sokurov) in two episodes of the Nathan Fillion series, The Rookie. A guest-starring gig even Sardarov’s Chicago Fire colleagues were excited to catch.

When the actor posted a photo of himself from The Rookie set, Taylor Kinney responds with “What episodes are they!!? Can’t wait!”

While Randy Flagler simply chimes in with an excited “Yes!”

Most recently, the former Chicago Fire star stars in a film titled Daddy which is developed by crowd-funding resources. The film centers around a dystopian society where it is pre-determined by the government whether or not men can father children. A release date for this film has not yet been set.