‘Chicago Fire’: What’s on the Horizon for Blake Gallo?

by Taylor Cunningham

Blake Gallo is relatively new to Chicago Fire compared to many of the characters who have been around since the beginning. But he’s been making a name for himself lately as one of the biggest players in the series. So what’s in store for him as we head into Season 11? We have a few theories.

Gallo first arrived at Fire House 51 in 2019. The overly eager firefighter was passionate about the career after losing his parents and little sister in a house fire when he was only 12. And mixing those emotions with the job often put his own life at risk.

Over the course of three years, Gallo began to find a healthier balance. And while he was still committed to saving lives, he learned he had to be wiser in the midst of danger.

Gallo played a supporting role to the many Chicago Fire stars until very recently. It was only last season that the writers finally delved into his personal life. And now, he’s tied deeper into the lives of those around him, most notably Ritter and Violet.

Gallo May Return to his Microbrewery and Re-Explore a Romance on ‘Chicago Fire’

Blake Gallo quickly bonded with Ritter. And he also has some will-they-wont-they tension with Violet. Somehow all those things came together and helped him open a microbrewery with his two friends.

Strangely, the series built that venture up and then seemingly forgot all about it. With so many sub-stories in the plot, it’s possible that the business had to take a back seat to other more important matters. But now that the Stellaride drama got its happy ending, we may see more focus on the microbrewery.

Also, we can’t help but think that the chemistry between Gallo and Violet will become more intense next season. Currently, she’s dating Hawkins. And they do have some promise. But Violet also has a history with Gallo. And because he’s been showing his devotion to her by helping to protect her job from Emma—at any cost —something is bound to happen between the two.

If the love triangle begins, it will likely take some time to play out. As all Chicago Fire fans know, the series and franchise love a slow burn. But the entire plot may be dead in the water if Emma doesn’t return to the firehouse now that Sylvie is back from Oregon. Without Gallo playing Violet’s protector, there may not be a catalyst for the romance.

But we’ll at least have some of the questions answered soon. Chicago Fire and its One Chicago sister shows return to the screen on September 21st.