‘Chicago Fire’: When Can We Expect a Crossover With Med, PD?

by Leanne Stahulak

In a franchise as successful as One Chicago, it’s fair to expect a crossover event between “Chicago Fire,“Chicago P.D.,” and “Chicago Med.”

But according to TV bloggers Matt & Jess Carter, the Dick Wolf franchise hasn’t had a major crossover event since before the pandemic. Granted, this makes a lot of sense when filming one show is difficult enough during COVID. Cast members and crew have to get tested all the time, the equipment has to be wiped down, and social distancing has to be taken into consideration. Now add in all the members of two other TV shows, and that’s a lot of risk of catching the virus.

Since COVID safety measures have improved, though, some fans want to see that crossover event take place this fall. Especially considering where “Chicago Fire” and the other shows left off at the end of their current seasons. “Chicago Med” specifically featured two doctors trapped in a burning building with an armed (though injured) attacker. Is that not the perfect set-up for a three-way episode featuring members of all the franchise shows?

Imagine Kelly Severide and the other Firehouse 51 members rushing in to rescue Doctors Will Halstead and Dylan Scott from the inferno. Plus Hailey Upton bursting onto the scene to apprehend the gunman who attacked the doctors.

Matt & Jess Carter seem to think the crossover event will take place after the three shows resolve their various cliffhangers. After all, “Chicago Fire” ended on a happy but ominous note with Severide and Stella’s wedding but the two getting ambushed afterward. Plus “Chicago P.D” featured Voight covering up a murder and getting shot himself. But it almost makes more sense to use the crossover to resolve the big cliffhanger left from “Chicago Med.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Want to See More of Stella Kidd in Season 11

At the end of “Chicago Fire” Season 10, Stella Kidd became the lieutenant of Truck 81. We barely saw her throughout Season 10, except to see her and Severide agree to be together forever. Now, fans want to see her take on the responsibility of lieutenant and excel at it.

Kidd might have a chance to put that newfound authority to good use at the beginning of Season 11. Not only in a potential crossover, but also due to the cliffhanger at the end of Season 10. As Severide and Kidd drove off for their honeymoon, fans saw a familiar car full of men. These men belonged to a drug trade that Severide busted earlier this season. Now they’re approaching the house where the newlyweds are staying. Could this spell trouble in paradise?

Hopefully, these men don’t ruin the couple’s chance of happiness. And hopefully the two manage to make their way out of the encounter unscathed.