‘Chicago Fire’: Which Characters Died in Season 10?

by Shelby Scott

After a heart-pumping season nine finale, Chicago Fire left fans in suspense all last summer. The finale lead many of us to believe the entirety of Firehouse 51’s Squad 3 faced certain death beneath a capsized boat. Collectively, we all took a breath as miraculously, Severide found a way out of the disaster in the season premiere. That dramatic escape led us into the rest of the drama of season 10. Nevertheless, given these characters’ profession, death always lingers near. Previous seasons have absolutely shattered our hearts with unexpected character deaths. However, this time around, not a single major character was killed off.

Nevertheless, there were still some dramatic deaths throughout season 10. And ahead of the new season, we can take a look at some of those instead.

According to One Chicago Center, the first significant character’s passing was the murder of Father Anthony. Father Anthony died just six episodes into the season. Across several episodes, Lieutenant Kelly Severide became involved in a massive arson case. And, eventually, he came face to face with the perpetrator.

In going to talk to Father Anthony about what he might know, the Chicago Fire character hears the clergyman calling for help. However, simultaneously, the arsonist pushes past him. In a split moment, the fireman is left to decide between pursuing the arsonist or saving the man’s life.

Always the better person, he chooses the latter. Upon arrival, the lieutenant finds the victim tied to a chair, with the arsonist having set him ablaze. Sadly, while Severide rescues the Father and sends him to the hospital, he succumbs to his wounds.

‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10’s Final Dramatic Death

Just as Chicago Fire kicked off with an intense character demise, the series also concluded with one. The Chicago Fire season finale was packed full of drama. Major instances included tension between Evan Hawkins and Violet Mikami, Emma Jacobs’ dramatic exit, and Severide and Stella’s nearly failed wedding. However, nothing was so graphic or intense as season 10’s final death.

During the show’s penultimate episode, Severide became mixed up in one of Chicago PD‘s most dangerous investigations. After busting a drug dealer following a motor vehicle accident, the lieutenant gets jumped by the drug ring’s leader. He sustains minor injuries, however, as he plans to testify, one of the ring leader’s muscles draws a knife on him.

Fighting for his life with a knife pressed to his throat, Severide throws out one heavy blow and sends his attacker crashing through a glass window, falling to his death on the pavement below. Our final look at the attacker shows him in death, eyes wide open, knife flung to the side, and a pool of blood leaking from his skull.

Given the intensity of the unnamed character’s death and the open-ended plot overall, it will be interesting to see if season 11 of Chicago Fire takes on a heavier persona, leaving fans with more graphic scenes and increasingly dangerous rescues and subplots.