‘Chicago Fire’: Why Brian J. White Left After Two Seasons

by Taylor Cunningham

Brian J. White had a pivotal role on Chicago Fire as Dallas Patterson. But after just two seasons, the character left, never to be heard of again.

So, why did the actor make such an abrupt and clean exit? His story had simply played out.

Patterson joined the 51 in 2015 during an episode titled Let it Burn. The firefighter stepped in as the officer of squad 3 to take over for the temporarily demoted Severide. The change-up came at the request of Chief Boden. And he had plenty of interesting storylines during his brief tenure.

At the time, Boden noticed that the squad had an alarming turnover rate. And he believed that Severide’s soft and emotional demeanor was to blame. So, he tried to fix the problem with the no-nonsense Patterson.

As expected, Patterson and Severide clashed immediately. Severide believed that his replacement was out to get him. And the other firefighters questioned if their new boss was loyal to them.

During his run as the commander, the squad began to deteriorate even more. One of the reasons they had fared well as a team was because Severide was close and supportive of them. He always praised his firefighters and gave credit where it was due.

However, Patterson was distant and indifferent to the squad. And because of that, arguments broke out and too many people felt unappreciated. Though, Severide helped make matters worse by instigating at every chance.

The ‘Chicago Fire’ Character Requested a Transfer to Another Firehouse

Eventually, Severide made it a priority to get Patterson out of the firehouse. And he managed to dig up a rap sheet that Patterson had earned as a teen. But just as Severide planned on presenting the information to Boden, he learned that Patterson had committed the crimes just after his mother had killed herself.

So instead of playing dirty, Severide formed a bond with Patterson, which served him well because Patterson then took over as Battalion Chief when Boden was arrested.

However, Patterson ended up showing his camaraderie when Boden was cleared of charges and he stepped down for the former chief. He then requested a transfer to firehouse 90.

For Brian J. White’s final episode, the entire team celebrated Boden and Severide’s reclaimed rankings and bid Patterson farewell.

While the firefighter had major storylines during his brief time on Chicago Fire, the writers only meant for him to stick around for the two-story arcs. Once he was done, he left the cast and crew on good terms and set out for a new gig on Bronx SIU.