‘Chicago Fire’: Why Did Adriyan Rae’s Gianna Mackey Leave the Show?

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

The paramedic crew for “Chicago Fire” has seen a lot of turnover across 10 seasons. Season 1 aired with former paramedics Gabby Dawson and Leslie Shea, though Shea dies a tragic death several seasons in. She gets replaced by current fan-favorite character Sylvie Brett. And Brett’s remained a constant on Ambulance 61 since “Chicago Fire’s” third season. Since then, however, Brett has had a multitude of partners. One of her most recent is a close friend to Squad 3’s Joe Cruz, Gianna Mackey (Adriyan Rae). Strangely, Mackey appeared in just one season of “Chicago Fire,” and that begs the question, why did she leave?

When Mackey first came to Firehouse 51, we immediately learned that Cruz is like a big brother to her. And so, when Mackey becomes romantically interested in one of “Chicago Fire’s” youngest crew members, Blake Gallo, tensions rise.

The rest of Mackey’s time in the series follows her and Gallo’s development. Their struggle to create something meaningful often elicits a humorous subplot as the young paramedic is intent on pursuing the fireman, but Gallo is afraid to upset Cruz.

Simultaneously, Mackey proves to be a dependable partner for Brett. The pair faces several incredibly dangerous calls throughout season nine. One episode even sees their rig forced off of a bridge and crashing to the street below.

Fortunately, both characters live, but Fansided reports the action and intensity Brett constantly sees on shift combined with Mackey’s inability to form a meaningful relationship with Gallo sends the paramedic to another firehouse.

Jason Pelham to Return to ‘Chicago Fire’ During Season 10 Finale

Mackey might be gone, but it appears that recently departed character Jason Pelham plans to make an exciting appearance during “Chicago Fire’s” Season 10 finale.

Jason Pelham joined Firehouse 51 early in the current season after the series original character Matt Casey departed for Oregon. The lieutenant soon took over as the permanent officer on Firehouse 51’s Engine 81. At first, the character caused conflict both with his coworkers and “Chicago Fire” fans. However, he soon became a well-liked member of the show. So when he departed almost as soon as he found a permanent officer’s spot, fans became disappointed.

Hopefully, we can expect to see more of Jason Pelham as he, like Mackey, simply transferred to one of “Chicago Fire’s” other firehouses. However, whether or not he makes more appearances in season 11, “Chicago Fire” showrunners have revealed he’ll definitely return for the finale.

Series showrunner and executive producer Derek Haas previously shared with TVLine, “We’re going to see Pelham again before the season’s over.”

Fellow showrunner Andrea Newman said, “The character proved such loyalty to [Firehouse] 51. It was really cool to see him bond and find his place there. And it’s nice to have him out in the world of CFD.”