‘Chicago Fire’: Why Teri Reeves, Who Played Matt Casey’s Ex-Fiancé, Left the Show

by Shelby Scott

Before we had “Brettsy,” the Chicago Fire couple Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett, fans met Casey’s fiancé Hallie Thomas. Played by actress Teri Reeves, Hallie made her Chicago Fire debut during the NBC drama’s very first episode. She shared a complicated relationship with Matt Casey for much of season one. Later though, Reeves’ character was killed off. Now, about a decade following her exit, fans are wondering, why did Teri Reeves leave in the first place?

According to One Chicago Center, Reeves’ exit was entirely unlike that of Chicago PD star Sophia Bush. Rather, Reeve’s departure from the show was amicable, a creative choice made by Chicago Fire‘s writers.

Prior to Hallie’s death in the episode “Leaders Lead,” she discovered a drug ring running out of her clinic. In her efforts to shut down the drug ring, Hallie gets murdered. An investigation ensues, involving Chicago PD character Antonio Dawson, and reveals that while the doctor was involved in a fire, her death came via a blow to the back of the head.

Overall, Hallie’s death was pretty violent and marked the first significant character loss in the series. As to the character’s actress, Chicago Fire‘s cast and crew reportedly had nothing but positive things to say. 10 years later, we’ve learned Hallie was killed off because writers felt they needed to emphasize to their audience the danger Chicago’s first responders, from firefighters to doctors and nurses, face in reality.

Violet & Hawkins Are Still Together Ahead of ‘Chicago Fire’ Season Premiere

Casey and Hallie’s relationship is long over. And currently, Brett and Casey’s is practically dead in the water. Now, the fate of another fan-favorite couple has recently been confirmed ahead of Chicago Fire‘s season 11 premiere.

Paramedic Violet Mikami and Field Chief Evan Hawkins were facing serious relationship trouble during the season 10 finale. However, a recent post from Violet actress Hanako Greensmith confirms the onscreen couple will still be together when Chicago Fire returns.

Greensmith recently took to Instagram stories alongside Evan Hawkins actor Jimmy Nicholas. A photo shows the duo behind the scenes practicing personal hygiene with a load of shaving cream. One in particular shows Nicholas and Greensmith side by side in a mirror. Fans see the former shaving his face while the Violet actress proudly shows off her armpit.

Greensmith hilariously captioned the post, “TV couples who shave together stay together!!”

Chicago Fire fans, with a need for solid confirmation, took to the comments writing, “So they planning to keep them as a couple?”

Many Chicago Fire fans were not happy that writers have partnered Violet with Hawkins rather than her Firehouse 51 coworker Blake Gallo. However, ahead of season 10’s finale, Hanako Greensmith provided a little insight as to why the writers may have chosen to go in this direction. Read the full story here.