‘Chicago Fire’: Will Hanako Greensmith Return for Season 11?

by Shelby Scott

Chicago Fire fans are anxiously awaiting the return of the hit series to NBC. In the meantime, many have their attention turned to the cast. The first few episodes of season 10 opened with some major casting shakeups. Most prominently, we saw the departure of one of Chicago Fire‘s original cast members, Jesse Spencer.

Ahead of his character Matt Casey’s leave from the show, we were first introduced to Paramedic Field Chief Evan Hawkins. Soon enough, we then met Casey’s temporary replacement, Jason Pelham. Finally, toward the end of the season, we were introduced to one other new character, Violet’s temporary partner Emma Jacobs. Altogether, we’ve seen a lot of faces, new and old, come and go within the last year. Now, following the drama with Emma in the latter half of season 10, Chicago Fire fans are wondering—is Violet Mikami actress Hanako Greensmith returning for season 11?

The answer to that question is a definitive yes. One of the biggest open-ended plotlines of Chicago Fire‘s 10th season actually centers around Greensmith’s character. More dynamically, following the long-awaited Stellaride wedding, writers led us to wonder whether the paramedic might call off her complicated relationship with Evan Hawkins.

Violet’s return to Firehouse 51 is also important this season for another reason. One Chicago Center states Violet, alongside junior first responders like Blake Gallo and Darren Ritter, marks a new generation for the station. They’re currently following in the footsteps of longtime service members like Matt Casey, Kelly Severide, and Joe Cruz.

What Comes Next for ‘Chicago Fire’s Violet Mikami?

Now that we know Hanako Greensmith is definitely returning for Chicago Fire‘s 11th season, what exactly can we expect from the show’s writers regarding her characters’ storyline?

Well, as many of us know, a lot of her development over the last year has followed her romantic interests. On multiple occasions, we’ve gotten her perspective as she’s navigated the relationship she has with both Blake Gallo and Evan Hawkins. Before season 10 concluded, Violet sparked a steamy relationship with Chicago Fire‘s paramedic field chief. In fact, the couple even admitted they were in love with one another before the finale concluded.

However, after the mess Emma Jacobs made, things don’t look good for Violet’s relationship with Hawkins. After Jacobs abandoned her in a fire, Hawkins fired the paramedic. However, before that, Violet had no idea Evan had actually put his entire career on the line to protect Violet’s. Hopefully, the truth comes out when Chicago Fire returns.

Meanwhile, the outlet also suggested fans of the One Chicago series might see more of Violet in the role of paramedic. We already know she’s a professional. However, One Chicago Center pointed out that, amid the Emma Jacobs scandal, her partner Sylvie Brett will likely come to realize just how talented Violet is. It would definitely be interesting to see further development within the show on the paramedicine side of things. It would be especially interesting given Brett’s all-new paramedicine program.