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‘Chicago Fire’: Will Wendy Seager Attend the Stellaride Wedding?

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Amazon Studios)

One Chicago” fans have navigated several weeks without all-new “Chicago Fire” episodes. However, next week the wait is over. On Wednesday, the NBC series returns to the network with “Halfway to the Moon,” the all-new installment of the show. Overall the episode promises drama at Firehouse 51, but fans have even more pressing questions. Will there be any further developments concerning the impending “Stellaride” wedding? And will “Chicago Fire” character Wendy Seager be in attendance?

The last time “Chicago Fire” fans saw arson investigator Lieutenant Wendy Seager was during the episode, “Hot and Fast,” the 16th of the current season. It was then Cruz met the young immigrant boy named Javi who has become part of the fireman’s small family. Meanwhile, Seager joined up with Severide, the latter half of Stellaride, for an investigation. An inspection of the building proves 51 might be dealing with an arson case.

In the end, Seager and Severide determine the fire was not arson. Additionally, Seager shares a small bonding moment with Stella Kidd, Severide’s fiancé. Since her first appearance in the series, Kidd has had issues with Seager. However, more recently, it seems she’s made efforts to be more friendly toward the arson investigator.

Now, weeks away from the finale (and the grand Stellaride wedding we’ve all been waiting for), it’s unlikely Seager will attend the romantic event.

‘Chicago Fire’s Wendy Seager Represents Past Stellaride Problems

As Fansided reminds us, Wendy Seager has never been shy about her feelings for Kelly Severide. And when Kidd disappeared in the first half of the season, “Chicago Fire” fans worried they’d seen the end of Stellaride. Especially as Seager found various excuses to spend one-on-one time with the lieutenant outside of work.

Fortunately for us, Kidd returned and Severide later proposed at the Officers’ Gala with a gorgeous diamond ring. Since then, the female firefighter has expressed her contempt for Seager. However, she does seem more certain that Severide has no interest in pursuing the arson investigator and ending their relationship.

That said, it’s also safe to say Kidd would prefer not to have Seager at her wedding. Her actress, Mirando Rae Mayo, previously spoke about their characters’ conflict as she said, “You know, [Severide’s] working with Seager, who is very attractive and obviously in love with him.” Fans know the investigator has made her intentions very clear early in the series.

On top of that, Severide is also aware of Kidd’s problems with Seager. And being the rational, laidback partner he is, it’s also highly unlikely the lieutenant would choose to invite Seager to the Stellaride wedding himself.

Tune in to the next new episode of “Chicago Fire” for more Stellaride developments when it debuts next Wednesday, May 11th.