‘Chicago Fire’: Will Wendy Seager Return Following the Season 11 Premiere?

by Shelby Scott

The season 10 finale of Chicago Fire aired just about a month ago. But, nevertheless, we’re already looking forward to the NBC drama’s fall 2022 premiere date. Overall, the latest season of the Dick Wolf-produced series ended on a much less dramatic note than season nine did; after all, none of our favorite characters’ lives were immediately in danger—though the safety of one couple is definitely questionable. In the meantime, amid the buildup to the all-new season premiere, we’re wondering about one of Chicago Fire‘s recurring characters, Wendy Seager, and whether we’ll see her again in the fall.

Since 2019, actress Andy Allo has played Chicago Fire‘s arson investigator Wendy Seager. Across multiple seasons, she’s worked with Firehouse 51’s Kelly Severide as he boasts a passion for arson mysteries and firefighting. Since making her debut, we’ve watched Allo’s character rapidly develop romantic feelings for Severide, despite his relationship with Stella Kidd. In the past, the recurring character has even caused tension between Severide and Kidd, with the latter worrying her boyfriend would develop the same romantic feelings for the undaunted arson investigator.

As we saw during Chicago Fire‘s season finale this year, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Despite Seager’s advances, Severide’s only love interest is Stella, and fans could not be happier. But where exactly does that leave Seager now that Severide’s officially taken?

Seager to Make Several Appearances in ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 11

As we head into Chicago Fire‘s 11th season, Kelly Severide is officially unavailable. But, nevertheless, One Chicago Center reports that Wendy Seager will make several guest appearances when the show returns this fall. Despite her efforts to hook up with Severide, we have to admit she and the Squad 3 lieutenant have solved some intriguing arson cases over the last few seasons. Additionally, showrunners admit they enjoy seeing Taylor Kinney’s character pursue multiple professional paths.

According to the outlet, and as we saw ourselves, Stella Kidd’s jealousy over Severide’s friendship with Seager has nearly dissipated. In fact, one episode saw the Truck 81 lieutenant share a brief bonding moment with Chicago Fire‘s arson investigator. As such, we don’t expect writers to focus a whole lot on the romantic undertones between Seager and Severide.

Instead, it’s more likely Seager will return strictly for professional reasons. She’ll more than likely aid in assisting Chicago fire departments with the most complicated arson cases. And truthfully, we cannot wait. Despite the rift Seager caused early on between Kidd and Severide, Andy Allo’s character is both dynamic and engaging. Altogether, she boasts a massive personality. While we can’t get behind her romantic pursuance of Kelly Severide, we can appreciate her colorful personality and professional dynamism.