‘Chicago Fire’: Will Yuri Sardarov Return in Season 11?

by Shelby Scott

Chicago Fire” fans saw confirmation of the character Otis’s death during the season eight premiere. But before his death, Yuri Sardarov’s Brian “Otis” Zvonecek was one of “Chicago Fire” fans’ favorite firemen. Kicking off the show as one of Firehouse 51’s two newest crew members, he quickly proved himself an asset to the team. In addition, he later took on co-ownership of the show’s iconic bar, Molly’s, alongside David Eigenberg’s Christopher Herrmann. As such a beloved member of “Chicago Fire,” fans are wondering, will Otis return in season 11?

So far, Saradarov has not reprised his role as Otis in the series. However, the “Chicago Fire” characters make frequent references to him in passing. An earlier episode of “Chicago Fire” even saw Cruz call up his knowledge of elevators from Otis in order to save himself and Eigenberg’s Herrmann. Cruz’s newborn son is also named after the fan-favorite character.

Now, several seasons later, both “Chicago Fire” and Yuri Saradarov continue to see success. As such, many fans are hoping we will see Otis in a flashback capacity. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear likely. As per One Chicago Center, the show hasn’t done a flashback episode in multiple seasons. Additionally, the outlet suggested that his return, even in a brief flashback, could potentiall confuse “casual fans” rather than satisfy them with his return.

Even more significantly though, Otis’s legacy has grown immensely since his death two seasons ago. Not only does his name frequently come up in conversation on the show. Chief Boden also had a memorial statue erected in his honor. Many frames throughout the last few seasons have featured glimpses and closeups of the memorial.

Where Did Yuri Sardarov Go Post-‘Chicago Fire’?

Just like his character Otis, Yuri Sardarov’s reputation continues to grow. Following his leading role on “Chicago Fire,” Sardarov has featured in multiple film and TV projects.

As per the outlet, the “Chicago Fire” alum recently appeared in CBS’s “The Rookie.” He’s also slated to star in the upcoming film, “Daddy,” where “Chicago Fire” fans will get a reunion of sorts.

“Daddy” will not only feature the longtime Brian “Otis” Zvonecek actor Yuri Sardarov; it will also feature one of the show’s current stars, Miranda Rae Mayo (Stella Kidd).

For now, that’s the only kind of Otis reunion we can look forward to.

Will Matt Casey Return in Season 11?

Otis’s departure from “Chicago Fire” remains pretty permanent. However, fans saw a glimmer of hope for one character’s potential return in season 11. After departing the series following its 200th episode, Matt Casey actor Jesse Spencer made one final appearance in the season finale.

Following the conclusion of season 10, Jesse Spencer said previously he would be willing to return in a guest starring capacity later in the series. However, for now, between his 10 seasons on “Chicago Fire” which was prefaced by eight seasons on “House,” the actor hopes to take a break from the small screen.