Here Are One Chicago’s Biggest Character Returns From Over the Years

by Shelby Scott

The “One Chicago” franchise has seen some pretty devastating cast departures over the years. Although, on occasion, some of our favorite characters have made a brief return. As we approach the final episodes of the franchise’s current season, we’re here to take a look at some of the biggest character returns over 10 seasons of “One Chicago.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Original Character to Return for Season 10 Finale

One of the biggest “One Chicago” character departures took place just this season. Devastated fans watched as “Chicago Fire‘s” Captain Matt Casey bid goodbye to the crew at Firehouse 51. The character departed for Oregon after just recently igniting a relationship with Ambulance 61 paramedic, Sylvie Brett.

Casey’s actor, Jesse Spencer, agreed to remain on the series until “Chicago Fire’s” milestone 200th episode. And while his fate was open-ended, I’m not sure fans expected Casey to return quite so soon. However, as TV Insider notes, the Matt Casey character will make a brief return to “Fire” to “support [Kelly] Severide through what will be a very topsy-turvy wedding.”

Further, in returning to the Windy City, showrunner Derek Haas has revealed the “Stellaride” wedding will put “a spotlight on [Casey and Brett’s own] situation.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Welcomed Back Fan-Favorite Paramedics

When “Chicago Fire” aired its first episode on NBC, the paramedic team consisted of Gabriela Dawson and Leslie Shay. Since then, both paramedics have departed the series. However, the characters have made memorable “One Chicago” returns in unique ways.

Leslie Shay, played by “Lucifer” star Lauren German, had a relatively short run on “Chicago Fire.” The season three premiere saw Shay succumb to injuries she sustained during an explosion in the season two finale. However, while Shay was close with Dawson, the “One Chicago” character made a memorable return halfway through season three. There, we watched Severide peruse old home movies of his friend Shay as he worked through his grief.

Gabby Dawson left “One Chicago” a little later in the series, her departure coming in season six. Dawson, who was previously married to Matt Casey, made a surprise return in season eight. The character appeared during the episode “Best Friend Magic.” In it, the ex-couple unites for a final one-night stand, before Dawson heads back to Puerto Rico following a fundraiser.

One ‘Chicago PD’ Character Returned Under Traumatic Circumstances

As fans of the “One Chicago” universe, we like to see major character returns take place on a positive note. For example, Dawson’s return provided Casey with some closure, while Shay’s offered Severide a different kind of closure.

However, during the 7th season of “Chicago PD,” one character, Sean Roman, made a return under much direr circumstances. In the episode, “Burden of Truth,” Roman returns in search of his missing sister who, during his time in San Deigo, fell in with drugs dealers. During the search for his sister, “Chicago PD” crosses over with “Chicago Fire” for one dynamic storyline.