New ‘Chicago Fire’ Teaser Reveals Possible Wedding Jitters for Stellaride

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd are making their way down the aisle as the wedding of the season for Stellaride hits on Chicago Fire. Taylor Kinney plays Severide while Miranda Rae Mayo plays Kidd on the NBC drama. In a teaser for the next episode, we see the characters interact. Stella brings up something while chatting with Christopher Herrmann, “Hey, maybe there’s a good reason we’ve been putting this off for so long.” Whoops. Is there going to be some walking out before the big ceremony? Probably not but seeing these two characters get ready for the wedding is definitely something to keep an eye on here.

‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Shares Some Things To Watch For In Upcoming Nuptials

Jesse Spencer returns as Matt Casey and he’ll be hanging out with Sylvie Brett, played by Kara Killmer. Who knows? Maybe these two will be watching closely as Stellaride shares nuptials. We get more from TV Insider. Showrunner Andrea Newman has talked about possible complications going into the wedding.

“They love each other so much,” She says. “They both have this dark history with marriage and relationships. Kidd had the previous marriage that was abusive and horrible. And Severide has this role model of his dad and his mom’s marriage, which was terrible and somewhat abusive.”

Over the past few seasons, fans of Chicago Fire have watched this romance build up. It’s also worth noting that Casey and Sevaride have been friends for a long time, too. In fact, some have referred to their friendship as a bromance. Keeping up with the ongoing romantic relationships is a full-time job for longtime viewers. Still, this upcoming wedding ceremony has both friends coming together. Casey will be there to support his buddy. Could there be some foreshadowing around his relationship with Sylvie? Anything is possible with this show.

Sylvie Brett Solidifies Her Spot With Firehouse 51

Let’s get an update on Brett, though. What does the future hold for her and Firehouse 51? Showrunner Derek Haas gives an update with some news that we already know, too. “Yes, Sylvie will be back for the finale. She is a full-time member of 51.” While we are on this couple for a minute, is there some news about Casey coming back to the firehouse, too? “Casey committed to going to Oregon until one of the Darden boys finishes high school,” Haas said. “That’s a three-year commitment he made when he left this season.”

So, we guess you will have to wait and see whether Casey, and Spencer, does come back on the show as a series regular. As you may know, Spencer did leave the show this season. But he’s making an appearance for this wedding.