‘Chicago Med’: The Changes Fans Want to See in Season 8

by Sean Griffin

As we are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the Season 8 premiere date, Chicago Med fans have taken to Reddit to voice what changes they’d like to see in the new season. The Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead-created series premiered on November 17, 2015. Currently, Seasons 1-5 are available for streaming on Netflix, but not for long. All five seasons on the platform will be removed on Thursday, July 21, 2022.

Reddit user “jordsmart12” posed the question in this thread. The post received many comments from other Chicago Med fans—all of whom wanted different changes in the upcoming episodes.

In the initial post, Reddit user jordsmart12 said “Without putting your feelings towards certain characters, what do we want to see in season 8? Like actual storylines that could happen. (Don’t say for Will to die just because you don’t like Will). Who would you want to return? Get together? New storyline? What would you say would make season 8 a good season for you?”

He continues, “For me: 1) Dr. Choi to be back full time. 2) Maggie to not cheat on Ben. 3) More Halstead brothers fixing burnt apartment building story, Jay could go after them with Will’s help. 4) More Dr. Charles, maybe a resident for him. These are just some examples of what I mean.”

What Other Changes Do Fans Want to See?

Fans were quick to flood the Reddit user’s post with replies. One user named “alero18” received seven upvotes for their comment: “I would like to see April back with Ethan, I swear to God even if it’s just two episodes, for the storyline I’d just want them to end it off together.” Another user agreed. They responded, “I really missed April this season! I feel like her exit was so sudden and didn’t do her justice.” That user received five upvotes for her reply.

Additionally, one user named “Warmsox” had a very clear message: “More Dr. Charles….” they wrote. That comment received four upvotes.

However, another user named “lyssixsix” listed multiple ideas for Season 8. They wrote, “I want Will and Hannah to stay away from each other. Will is way better single and not like a lovesick puppy lol. I want an Ethan and Dr. Archer showdown where Ethan gets his position back. Pam & Crocket storyline should be over…I would also like Ben back in the picture and for nothing to happen with Maggie and Vanessa’s dad…I would like another resident for Dr. Charles, too. I loved Dr. Reese and I would like to see something like that.”

The comment received three upvotes and concluded with this thought: “maybe a pregnancy somewhere.”

Other users explained what they think will make Season 8 better. “For Sarah and Connor to come back. Sarah reconciles with Dr. Charles. I’m only up to Season 5 so apologies if these things have happened.”

Another wrote, “They need to bring April back so her and Ethan can have the happily ever after.” A final user simply chimed in with agreement. “Totally agree, love your ideas!” they wrote.

What changes would you like to see in Season 8? You can add to the conversation by clicking the link to the Reddit thread here.